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ronald k

Ronald K, an avid trader who has gone through various market cycles and know the heartache of not cutting loss. As such, he believes that timing the market to a period of one or two days before break out occurs would prevent and keep his losses tight. This is the way to achieve consistent profits. With his ability to predict day to day market activity and with a high level of accuracy backed by real trade records, he has drawn a big following with his blog hitting close to 3.5 million views in a short span of time.

Ronald K is a self-made millionaire stockmarket trader and stockmarket psychologist. He has been featured in Sunday Times Invest (Me & My Money) and is a regular seminar speaker at INVESTFAIR Notable achievements throughout his trading career:

• In his early days, Ronald K turned his last $5000 savings into $150,000 in 18 months starting with Yanlord trade

• Ronald K made a whopping $171,000 profits by contra trading 12 million shares of METECH INTL

• How he made $96,000 profits by buying NOL shares at the bottom

• The cash purchase of his first condominium house in 2009 with his own winnings

After recent penny stock meltdown, Ronald K's purpose is to impart his knowledge & techniques to investing public so that small retail investors can restore their investing confidence. Under Ronald K's dedicated tutoring and mentorship, students will learn powerful trading skills that will help them take control of their financial trades and protect themselves from future stockmarket routing.

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