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Sun Media Pte Ltd

EExpo.SG is a maverick of the online commerce industry in the region of Southeast-Asia. One of the first of its kind, aims to revolutionise and evolve the conventions of the “Expo” experience, allowing all users to have an authentic yet refreshing take of a convention, fully on a web-based platform.

EExpo.SG the brainchild of SunMedia Pte Ltd. After years of experience traversing the political and commercial landscape in Singapore as an established magazine publisher and media company, we recognised that there was an opportunity for a platform to further develop commercial ties between Singapore and the rest of the world.

Through EExpo.SG , we hope to be able to bridge the gap between consumers and producers of different regions and nations, exposing conventional markets to unconventional products, and to provide new avenues of commerce and business.

We also aspire to bring stakeholders together on a common platform and take advantage of their complementary strengths to generate business and growth.

In the long run, aims to be the pinnacle of e-commerce and to be recognised globally by established companies and economies as a front-runner

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