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Tang Wing Chi Advocate For Caregivers Taking Care of Special Needs Children and Elderly

  • Wing Chi is an INFJ who thinks a lot, able to link things that has no link to got link, a Responsible risk taker, Natural Healer specialising in Release Therapy
    She is a Natural Healing Coach who does
    - Stress Pain Relief and Detoxification
    - Body Toxicity Level Checking
    - Anxiety
    - Skin issues 
    - and more

    Wing Chi’s BIGGEST Mission is to support Parents and family members working with Special Needs Children emotionally, mentally, financially and physically through Natural Healing.

    Part of the movement is to help parents / children / students understand that good academic results are not the only or guaranteed route to success or earning sufficient for survival. There are 97 other ways to earn extra income even if some parts of your life are not normal by society’s standard.

    She uses techniques like Law of Attraction (Basic) , Energy Healing, Affirmations, Natural Healing, Meditation, etc.

    - Motivator

    - Loves expressing her inner dialogue in writing

    - A listener
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