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The Dancing Fingers

The Dancing Fingers was started by Jess Goh, an Advanced Trainer with Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA), Pasuteriasyo Instructor, Meister with Flower of crystal Art Academy and a Plaster Master with Korea Seoul Design Craft Association (SDCA). ​ She is also an early childhood practitioner in Music & Movement.

Jess has since conducted PNA workshops for learners of various age groups. Her passion for the art propels her to continuously upgrade herself, learning and exchanging views with artists from other countries, trying out and incorporating other art techniques into her pieces.

"Let the participant leads, give her the key so that she can eventually create and tell her own story". This is the hearth of Jess' courses and workshops.

Some highlights of her recent works include:

  • Resident Artist at “Perfectly Unique”: creation of pastel art under the theme “The Lark – The Gift of Nature” at the “Perfectly Unique Festival 2019”
  • Guest Trainer in Hong Kong. Creation of “The Little Prince” workshops that are highly popular in Hong Kong
  • Participating Artist at the “Tales of Nagomi” art exhibition (Kuala Lumpur) in October 2018 and Faber Castell Art Festival 2019 (Singapore) in June 2019
  • Illustrator for children’s e-book covers for "The Little Red Farm" Series, where she also co-writes the content for the art ePacks and music and movement ePacks accompanying the stories in the series.

Jess believes art and music are the two best ways to relieve stress. She hopes to share her love for art & crafts and music through her workshops and works shared in her IG ( and FB (

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