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UCMHP Academy Pte Ltd

Universal Characteristic Method Human Profiling (UCMHP) is a ground-breaking method of profiling, based in part on the Pythagoras Theorem. What makes this profiling method so unique is its universal applicability and elimination of self-serving bias in its procedure. This means that the profile which you derive from UCMHP is not affected by the self-bias that might arise in conventional profiling methods such as questionnaires and tests.

Another unique aspect of the UCM Human Profiling is that the profile utilizes your date and time of birth to predict your character, personalities and key behaviours. This process only takes a few minutes but yields accurate results 90% of the time.

These distinctive traits separate the UCMHP from the mainstream profiling methods we see saturating the market today, making it one of the most sought after profiling techniques in the region.

In short, the method is Simple, Accurate, Instant and Easy to Access. There are no questionnaires to be answered or tests to be taken. It does not involve religion or superstition. It’s based on simple, time-tested and scientifically proven mathematics and statistics.

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