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Women in Form

I’m Puja Dada, founder of Women In Form. I created Women in Form to empower women to achieve clarity, awareness and confidence in what they have to offer themselves, their families and friends, the communities they live in and yes, even the world at large.
Today, the empirical world of science, math, data, technology reigns supreme. These are good and necessary, and they’ve certainly propelled our society forward in many areas. But our idolatry of this energy alone, has come at the expense of a more natural, nurturing, healing, creative energy.
This is the energy that encourages us to reflect, to be quiet, to walk in and connect to nature, to come together as communities, to talk and listen to each other, to laugh and cry together.
In these efficient, industrial, technology-driven times, much of this sort of activity is seen as weak, soft or a waste of time. They are not things that can be measured, in a society that measures everything. There are no KPIs to rank this nurturing energy.  
But the truth of the matter is this - if this natural creative energy is not nurtured, respected and seen as an equal - if not more important – part of human existence today, our societies are going to crumble. The writing is already on the wall – depression, mental illness, poor health, conflict is already on the rise.  Not to mention the precarious state of our environment and the planet we call home.
At Women in Form, our mission is to empower women to be the change. We help women recognise, embrace and cultivate their real strengths and use these to improve their own lives and the lives of all around them.
Our mission is to encourage women to reflect and acquire the tools they need to become confident in their own skins and desires. We help women believe in what they have to offer, to stop apologising for their perceived weaknesses and to take action to make positive things happen. 
Much of what we advocate at Women in Form are self-care practices and a clear focus on living a balanced life. We offer a menu of workshops, talks and events that promote these all-important life strategies for women, children and their families.

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