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Working Mothers in Leadership Global (WMIL)

Working Mothers in Leadership (WMIL) is a non-profit organisation with the purpose and mission of helping working mothers to achieve their personal and professional goals whilst balancing the responsibilities of motherhood. WMIL seeks to empower working mothers to be who they want to be, and develop their leadership capabilities so they are not limiting their ambitions and are finding ways to unleash their true potential.
Catherine Li-Yunxia, Founder and President of WMIL, has worked in the corporate world for 16 years and held a few leadership roles at an Asia Pacific and global level.  A few years ago, Catherine chose to become a professional Leadership Coach and Executive Coach out of passion and interest. Through WMIL, Catherine now seeks to give back to society, specifically working mothers.
Parenting has many requirements including health, safety, nutrition, education, mentoring, entertainment, growth and development of children. Mothers tend to shoulder the majority of these responsibilities, sometimes even with supportive partners. Less willing to compromise parenting roles, working mothers may settle for job stability or lack the confidence to pursue further career advancement or leadership roles. However, working mothers should be given the opportunity to realise their ambitions to reach their maximum potential in personal lives, careers, and the business world. 
WMIL will be organising curated events to equip working mothers with ideas, advice, tools and transformational support through workshops and talks; as well as group coaching to empower working mothers to take the actions required to reach their potential and goals. Working mothers could certainly benefit from resources and support to prosper as mothers and also to make their impact in society and in the business world. WMIL welcomes anyone regardless of age or gender who values the contribution of a working mother and would like to support working mothers. WMIL welcomes you to our committed and visionary community.
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