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马来西亚巴生原始点公益站 (YSD Association)


其处理方法是以外内热源、按推、运动、调心、休息等 (缘) 来改善热能不足及体伤,令身体 (因) 恢复正常运作,进而使症状 (果) 消失。

也就是通过因的改善,来达到解决全人类病苦 (果) 的目的。

“马来西亚巴生原始点公益站” 是一个学习与服务的平台,除了提供体验服务以外,更着重于原始点观念的建立与运用,树立原始点教育典范。





Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) Medicine is developed based on the principle of “Self-heal your body, learn from your illness”.

Its approach involves “contributing factors” i.e. the use of external and internal heat resources, antui (press and rub techniques), exercise, positive mindset, rest etc to improve the “cause” i.e. deficiency of heat energy and tishang (impairment of bodily systems), which in turn allows body systems to function normally, thus relieving the signs and symptoms known as “effect”.

In short, it is through treating the root cause to heal all illnesses and diseases.

Pertubuhan YSD (YSD Association) situated at Klang is a platform for learning and service. Being a YSD educational entity, besides providing experience sessions, it emphasizes strengthening concepts and principles, and implementing YSD.

We adhere to the core values of selflessness and unconditional love of the YSD founder, Dr. Chang Chao-Han, to voluntarily and charitably educate the general public on the principles of YSD Medicine. We aim to spread the seeds of YSD to every corner of the world, so as to alleviate all sufferings from illnesses and diseases of the present generation, and to guide future generations on maintaining good health.

As long as human suffering from illnesses and diseases remains to be treated, we will strive to persist and our effort will go on!

Wishing you good health and best of luck. Thank you.

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