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How to organise a food & drink event

If you’re organising a food and/or drink event (like a beer festival, wine tasting, or a dinner party), there are some optional best practises you can follow to make sure your event runs smoothly, stands out, and informs potential ticket buyers of what they can expect.

TIP: For even more ideas, download our blog’s eblink{Food & Drink Events: A Course-By-Course Guide=> target=_blank}.

PRO TIP: Need equipment for selling, scanning, and/or printing tickets? You may be able to eblink{rent this type of equipment from Eventbrite=>}.

— Give your event a catchy name.

Name your event something short and catchy so people will remember it and share with friends.

— Write an event description that lets guest know what they can expect and what makes it unique.

• A good eblink{event description=>} includes the menu. You can also add information about the chef, restaurant, or origin of the food/drink you are offering. • Mention any partnerships and sponsorships your event is associated with. A previously unknown event that features a popular brand of food/drink can generate more interest. • Consider musical entertainment like a band or DJ. Pairing food and drinks with music can help influence people to attend. • Describe what attendees can expect if bad weather occurs. Will you need to eblink{cancel the event=>}? Consider booking a venue with weatherproof options.

TIP: If you have partnerships or sponsorships, give them eblink{promotional tracking links=>} so you can track how much web traffic has been generated by each source. You can also set up an eblink{affiliate program=>} to motivate your biggest promoters to sell tickets.

PRO TIP: Learn more about how to avoid making eblink{common festival mistakes=> target=_blank}.

— Create tickets that include the cost of dinner and/or drinks.

Include dinner and/or drinks in the ticket price so guests won’t have to worry about the bill on the night of the event. You’ll also know exactly how much food you need and avoid losing money due to no-shows.

TIP: Create eblink{additional tickets=>} (or add them as eblink{merchandise=>}) for add-ons like alcohol pairings and dessert. This lets people upgrade their experience without raising the minimum ticket price for others.

PRO TIP: Create a VIP ticket that offers an exclusive experience and charge more. In an Eventbrite survey, we found that eblink{82% of millennials are willing to spend more for a VIP experience=> target=_blank}. This can include: access to an exclusive VIP area, early entry into the event, a wine pairing, and more.

— Get to know your attendees by asking custom questions.

You can ask eblink{custom questions=>} to attendees while they’re registering for your event. For instance, you could ask buyers about their favourite food trends or local brewers, and use the results to give attendees a better experience at your event.

PRO TIP: Consider upgrading your event with eblink{RFID=>} bracelets to speed up entry and shorten purchasing lines. Attendees can pay for food and drinks with a simple tap of their wristband.

— Sell tickets directly from your website.

Connect attendees more closely to your brand and make registration seamless by selling tickets directly on your website(s). eblink{If you qualify=>} for our embedded checkout, attendees can buy tickets without ever leaving your website. If you don’t qualify, you can add our classic widgets to your site. eblink{Learn more=>}.

PRO TIP: Sign up for eblink{Eventbrite Communities=> target=_blank} to create custom landing pages designed to fit your brand.

— Promote your event on social media.

Promoting your event on social media is extremely valuable because people trust recommendations from their friends and family. Use your Eventbrite event to create a new eblink{Facebook event=>}, or connect your event to an existing Facebook event.

TIP: Consider creating a eblink{Twitter=> target=_blank} and eblink{Instagram=> target=_blank} account for your event so more people can find it.

PRO TIP: Consider using Eventbrite’s eblink{ToneDen=> target=_blank} extension to target fans with ads on Facebook and Instagram.

— Take advantage of promoted listings.

eblink{Promoted listings=>} allow event organisers to pay for targeted ad placement. Get your event listed on Eventbrite’s homepage and city directory pages in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

— Send a survey to attendees and post pictures after your event!

• Send a survey after your event using Eventbrite's eblink{Survey Monkey=>} integration so you know what improvements to make for next year’s event. • Post pictures and videos shortly after your event to your social channels. This can inspire attendees to share images from the event with their friends on social media, gathering excitement for your next event.

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