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1-Day Unlock the Yijing Secrets: The Power of Intention

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International Plaza or Singapore Shopping Centre (To Be Advised)


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Intention Is the Starting Point

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You may have frequently heard that Intention is the starting point of every dream. Indeed, it is this creative power that helps manifestour needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, love, and others.

In short, everything that happens in the universe begins with intention and our ‘destiny’ is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions, knowingly or unknowingly.

What Is Your Intention?

If you send out intentions (knowingly or unknowingly) about shortages, you’re going to attract more shortage! If you think about what’s missing, you’re going to attract more of what’s missing in your life.

What have you sent out? How many have you sent out? Are you aware what you are sending out?

The Seed of Intention

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An intention contains the seed form of that which you aim to create. So, why is it that this seed has so much influence over our ‘destiny’?

The secrets behind the power of this seed can be found in an ancient scroll containing all the untold working mechanisms of Nature: Yijing (易经). Tip: Every seed is a Universe (太极).

Intentions can’t grow if you hold on to them. Only when you release your intentions into the fertile depths of your consciousness can they grow and flourish, just like what the Universe is doing now – still expanding. Tip: Every single seed has the potential of transforming into Yin (阴) & Yang (阳), and more.

Yijing (易经) and

Your focused intentions set the infinite resonance power of the Universe in motion. It’s this infinite resonance power that orchestrates the complete fulfillment of your desires.

Understand the 60+ unique situations that the seed of intention can lead you through and how these situations transform and inter-relate to each other as they develop accordingly to the way Nature behaves. Tip: Nature follows the progression of the 64 Hexagrams (六十四卦).

The outcome that you try so hard to force may not be as good for you as the one that comes naturally, one that is fully synchronized with the Universe.

Keen to know more about the secrets of Yijing (易经), and how to release your intentions into the fertile ground of pure potentiality, so that they will bloom when the season is right?

We will impart these skills, techniques, knowledge and more in the following program specially designed for you.

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Date and Time


International Plaza or Singapore Shopping Centre (To Be Advised)


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