1 on 1 Relationship Counselling

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1 on 1 Relationship Counselling

To help any individuals to overcome life challenges, foster good relationship with others, and to progress with happiness in life.

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Hoshino Cafe @ Capitol 13 Stamford Road #B2-55 Capitol Singapore, Singapore 178905 Singapore

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Starry ... Starry ... Nites ...

Are you feeling down or troubled?

Are you Falling in Love or Lost in Love?

Do you feel stuck or struggling with relationship issues?

Whatever your life challenges or struggles are :

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grievances
  • Loneliness
  • Stress
  • Worry

I am the Guardian Angel who will light up your life...

Book your ticket for a 1-on-1 Consultation :


  • 11.30am to 12.30pm


  • 2.20pm to 3.20pm
  • 4.40pm to 5.40pm


  • 7.20pm to 8.20pm

or SMS/Whatsapp @ 9244 0476 to arrange for an appointment.

Consultation Fees : Happiness Planting Ang Pows

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Happiness Planting is an act of unconditional love, a love that gives.

Love is a passion ... a career to serve others

  • To help someone or to make a difference in someone life.
  • To volunteer your time or talents for the happiness of others
  • To Contribute or Donate for a good cause.

How to Plant Positive Seeds and Happiness daily?

  • Plant Seeds of Love that gives without any expectation or returns
  • Plant Seeds of Love that makes a difference to someone's life
  • Plant Seeds of Mindfulness & Awareness
  • Plant Seeds of Gratitude, Seeds of Appreciation
  • Plant Seeds of Praises & Thanks.

Planting Happy & Positive Seeds Daily to attain an Eternal Happiness.

May You & Your family be blessed by your continuous act of kindness.

1 on 1 Relationship Counselling image
1 on 1 Relationship Counselling image