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45 Middle Road


Singapore, 188954


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Hi, My name is Vivek Iyyani

I coach Millennial Entrepreneurs to be more productive in their business so that they can get more sales and results by focusing on becoming an Authority in their field of work.

If you're on this page, it's probably because:

1: You're not getting enough sales to grow your business to the next level

2: You're always doubted as the 'Go-To' person for your work

3: You're undercharging yourself despite having the right competencies

Good news for Millennial Entrepreneurs.

This year, I'm launching my Authority Breakthrough Program, especially for Millennial Entrepreneurs who have recently started out on their own.

The goal is simple: Build a system that brings you more clients over and over

To do so, let's look at the key challenges stopping many Entrepreneurs from bringing in the consistent sales that they need to grow their business to the next level:

1. Not an Authority in their field of work

2. Not enough appointments

3. You don't know which type of prospecting works best for you based on your personality and strengths

4. You attend networking events but don't know how to follow up and build relationships

5. You are afraid of paying to learn the different types of prospecting methods which may or may not work in your industry. So you experiment on your own in hopes that something will click.

6. You don't have a proper funnel or system that will guide your prospects to buy from you once they learn about you.

7. You don't have a content marketing strategy to put out your thought leadership. People don't know you exist.

8. You don't know what makes you and your business unique. You haven't identified your Unique Selling Point and Unique Buying Advantage.

9. You struggle with self-promotion. You don't like it and you can't imagine doing it and becoming one of them.

10. You don't have a proper Business Sales Plan and Marketing Plan that forms the lifeline of your business.

So how do we solve these problems and create a system that will bring you more results?

When you do the right things, you get the right results. The problem is, most entrepreneurs don't know if they're doing the right thing. They're just dabbling in different things hoping to get better results.

You need to focus on 2 things: Credibility and Visibility

1. People need to know you're good at what you do.

2. People need to know you exist.

How to build my Authority?

In this Masterclass, I will share 12 strategies for you to improve your credibility. To get more sales, you need to 'Earn the Right' to sell. People need to see your value and you must solve relevant problems for your clients.

How to build my Influence?

Once you've identified the best ways to become an Authority in your field, you need to make sure you're visible. People need to know you exist, and what you can do for them. How can you solve their existing problems so that they can get the results they desire.

Workshop Details

Date: 3rd April 2018
Time: 7 - 10pm
Venue: 45 Middle Road, #06-00, Singapore (188954)

Workshop Notes will be provided. Please bring along your own writing materials.

*This is a hands-on, 2-way discussion session. For your fullest benefit, I ask for your participation and engagement in the various activities.

**If you are going to cancel at the last minute, please DO NOT sign up. Firstly, its irresponsible and suggests why your prospects also cancel on you.

Secondly, I only have 20 seats (to ensure quality interaction), so if you sign up and not show up, someone else who was really keen could have benefitted from the session.

So only sign up when you are COMMITTED to making it.


1. Is this a preview session where I'm going to be sold something?

You bet. The first 2.5 hours will be comprehensive and valuable insights to help you become an Authority. My students will tell you I share a tremendous amount of content (almost 10% of my actual program) in my intro workshops.
The rationale is simple -

A. Every good quality product will cost you. And I only deliver the BEST.

B. You need to EARN THE SALE. I believe you will benefit more than what you pay, and I have 0 fear of asking people to pay me.

The last 30 minutes, I will share with you about my program, and what you'll be entitled to. You make the decision if you want to sign up or not.


My friend,

There is no point in becoming an Entrepreneur if you're earning less than what you would be making in a Full-Time Job.

Working long hours and stressing about where your next sale is going to come from is detrimental to you in more ways than one.

It doesn't make sense to pursue this path at the expense of your personal wellness, your relationships, and your self-confidence.

Make all the hard work count for something.

See you on the 3rd of April.

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Date and Time


45 Middle Road


Singapore, 188954


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