2018 四念处禅修营Satipattana Retreat ~ 永觉比丘 Ajahn Cagino

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Sangharama MHS

66 Ban Pakaloh, Moo 10

Tambon Pangmou

Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son 58000

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四念处禅修营 Satipatthana Meditation Retreat

  • 营队开始 Retreat Starts:03/11/2018, 07:00pm
  • 营队结束 Retreat Ends: 11/11/2018, 08:00am
  • 持守八戒与保持禁语 Observe Eight Precepts and Maintain Noble Silent
  • 华语讲解 Conducted in Mandarin
  • 为了让营员专精禅修,所有电子通讯工具需交由主办当局保管。All communication devices must to be surrendered to organiser in order for yogis to concentrate in meditiation.
  • 营队期间将提供素食。Vegetarian meals will be provided.
  • 费 Fee: 随喜 By Donation

    日期 Date: 03-11/11/2018

    截止日期 Registration Close: 15/10/2018

    导师 Teacher : 永觉比丘Ajahn Cagino

    联络Contact :

    • Ren Huan (S'pore): +659005 4983
    • Seow Lin (M'sia): +6013 722 5602
    • 电邮email:

    地点Venue : 泰国美弘颂僧伽林 Sangharama , Mae Hong Son, Thailand

    Note: 自行订购机票 Airfares at own expenses
    **欢迎随喜布施赞助营队与僧伽林。 Donations are welcome to support the retreat and Sangharama

    Organizer: 护法苑 Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha, 法山基金会Dhammagiri Foundation

    请依据以下推荐航班 Pease refer the recomnded Flights as below :-

    Departure 启程

    Singapore (SIN)- Chiangmai (CNX) - Mae Hong Son (HGN)

    03/11/2018 (Sat)

    • Silkair (MI 702) SIN 08:45 - CNX 10:45
    • Bangkok Air (PG 353) CNX 16:15 - HGN 17:00


    • Thai Airways (TG 402) SIN 08:15 - BKK 09:35 then change to Thai Airways (TG 110) BKK 13:15 - CNX 14:25
    • Bangkok Air (PG 353) CNX 16:15 - HGN 17:00

    Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Chiangmai (CNX)- Mae Hong Son (HGN)

    03/11/2018 (Sat)

    • AirAsia (AK 856) KUL 12:45 - CNX 14:35
    • Bangkok Air (PG 353) CNX 16:15 - HGN 17:00

    Return 回程

    Mae Hong Son (HGN)- Chiangmai (CNX )- Singapore (SIN)

    11/11/2018 (Sun)

    • Bangkok Air (PG 352) HGN10:35 - CNX 11:15
    • Silkair (MI 705) CNX 17:40 - SIN 21:45


    • Bangkok Air (PG 352) HGN 10:35 - CNX 11:15
    • Thai Airways (TG 111) CNX 15:20 - BKK 16:35 then change to Thai Airways (TG 401) BKK 19:25 - SIN 22:45

    Mae Hong Son (HGN)- Chiangmai (CNX) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

    11/11/2018 (Sun)

    • Bangkok Air (PG 352) HGN10:35 - CNX 11:15
    • AirAsia (AK 857) CNX 15:10 - KUL 19:05

    关于永觉比丘 ABout Ajahn Cagino

    永觉比丘出生于马来西亚,毕业于马来西亚艺术学院(Diploma of Arts)。由于对摄影的浓厚兴趣,毕业后,他成为了一位专业摄影师,并在就业的六年间,获得了40余项摄影奖项,更于1990年荣获首届亚洲摄影比赛的冠军奖项,达到了他在家事业上的高峰。
    Ajahn Cagino was born in Malaysia in 1967. After graduating from the Malaysian Institute of Arts with a Diploma of Arts, he became a professional photographer out of his keen interest in photography. Over the course of his six-year career, he received as many as 40 photography awards. In 1990 he won the inaugural Asian Photography competition, reaching the pinnacle of his career.

    在29岁那年,为了寻求佛法,还是在家居士的永觉比丘开始到泰国和新西兰的丛林寺院参学。在槟城洪福寺出家成为沙弥一年半后,永觉比丘随即前往泰国,依止阿姜刚夏 (Ajahn Ganha)正式出家。5年后,他在阿姜查(Ajahn Chah)训练外国弟子的国际丛林寺(Wat Pah Nanachat)重新受戒。
    At the age of 29, he went to forest monasteries in Thailand and New Zealand to seek the Dhamma as a layman. After 18 months of being a novice at Ang Hock See Temple in Penang, he left for Thailand and went forth, with Ajahn Ganha as his preceptor. Five years later, he was reordained at the international forest monastery Wat Pah Nanachat, where non-Thai monks under Ajahn Chah are trained.


    Over the years, he has wandered at least 4000km in Thailand. His search for a place for solitary meditation practice led him to settle down in a cave in Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand away from the hustle and bustle of crowds.


    During his years of dwelling in the cave, he found the orphans of the local minorities (including native tribes, Burmese refugees and Kuo Min Tang members国民党余部) to be kind and pure at heart. With proper guidance and education, the children could contribute to the society . Hence, he founded the Dhammagiri Foundation as a Buddhist orphanage and a warm home for hilltribe orphans.


    随着因缘Ajahn Cagino picked up his camera again, this time not for personal fame or out of interest in photography, but to document the lives of tudong monks practising in forests. As forest lands in Thailand are gradually opened up for development, less suitable places are available for the practice of tudong monks. These precious photos carry the spirit of tudong practice, serving as educational material, exemplars and historical records. They leave behind a spiritual legacy (心灵版图) of the forest Sangha and Buddhism.

    After Dhammagiri Foundation was set up, Ajahn Cagino donated the photographs to the foundation. The foundation organized a series of photography exhibitions in Buddhist and art circles in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. The exhibitions were overwhelmingly received by the audiences and created opportunities for people to support the Dhammagiri Foundation and understand the life and practice of the forest Sangha. To date, the photographs have been exhibited * times.

    自2011年以来, 永觉比丘通过佛法开示及禅修指导,把正法从泰国传到马来西亚、新加坡、印尼、台湾等地。 与此同时,永觉比丘也带领海外佛友去到泰国,实地了解美弘颂贫困的山地民族的境况,赞助他们所需的物资。

    Since 2011, Ajahn Cagino has been spreading the Dhamma from Thailand to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan etc, through giving Dhamma talks and conducting meditation retreats. He also brings international Buddhists groups to Thailand so that they understand the conditions of the impoverished hilltribes in Mae Hong Son and offer material support.

    Ajahn Cagino is currently the abbot of the Mae Hong Son Sangharama in Thailand and spiritual advisor of Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha in Singapore.


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    Date and Time


    Sangharama MHS

    66 Ban Pakaloh, Moo 10

    Tambon Pangmou

    Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son 58000

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