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2020 Summer Holidays - Online PythonThinker 8-Day Coding Camp

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Computhink Kids Online Virtual Classroom

203, Hougang Street 21


Singapore 530203


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Learning never stops with our specially designed Series of Online Coding Classes for Home-Based Learning.

Class Format

Suitable for all students age 11 to 16.

8-day camp over 2 weeks (4 days per week)
* Choose from either Camp 1 or Camp 2 below.
** Choose a time slot. Your time slot will be the same for the entire camp.

(Part 1) Choose from one camp below:

Camp 1: Starting Jul-7th, Monday (8-day camp, 1.5 hours per day)

Week 1: July 6th (Mon), 7th (Tue), 8th (Wed), 9th (Thu)

Week 2: July 13th (Mon), 14th (Tue), 15th (Wed), 16th (Thu)

Camp 2: Starting Jul-20th, Monday (8-day camp, 1.5 hours per day)

** May 25th is a public holiday (no class)

Week 1: July 20th (Mon), 21st (Tue), 22nd (Wed), 23rd (Thu)

Week 2: July 27th (Mon), 28th (Tue), 29th (Wed), 30th (Thu)

(Part 2) Choose a time-slot

Daily Time Slots:

a) 9.00 am - 10.30am
b) 10.30 am - 12.00 pm

Here's what your child will experience at the 8-day camp...

  • Experience programming with real-life scenarios using a professional programming language
  • Learn how programming is done and used professionally.
  • Learn to program using the Python Programming Language (top-10 most popular in the world).
  • Be assessed by our experienced trainer on aptitude and class suitability.
  • Be guided by our experienced programmer trainer throughout via our proprietary online learning platform.
  • ...and much much more!

Register for the Online Coding Class and find out how your child can benefit from learning programming online at Computhink Kids!

What will your child learn?

  • Learn Coding Concepts using the popular Python Programming language.
  • Learn about commonly used programming concepts and how to create amazing programs
  • Learn specially curated algorithms** and code mini-games and applications
  • Learn about programming tools and how to use Programming IDEs
  • Each lesson will have 1 or more programs and challenges for students to complete.
  • Suitable for ages of 11 to 16.

** Technical Topics include sequences, string and integer variables, loops, nested loops, booleans, if-then-else conditions, nested if-then else conditions, operators and more.

Why Computhink?

Small Class Ratio

By keeping the class small, we ensure that each kid gets the guidance and coaching he or she needs to create and bring their imaginations to life through programming. Besides allowing us to get to know your kid better, we also encourage the kids in our classes to also get to know one another and this is better facilitated in a small group setting.

Hands-on activity-based learning

We believe that kids learn best when they do it themselves in a fun environment. That is why we ensure that each kid is given a laptop to work their own respective projects and try their hand in the programming projects and activities. It is heartening each time we see the kids beaming and being proud of themselves when they could get the code to work as they want it to.

Our Teaching Philosophy

This idea that kids will learn anything that they want to when they are given the freedom to create, inspires and drives our teaching philosophy. In this, we are influenced by the work of Sugata Mitra (Educational Researcher) whose research demonstrates the effect that a child’s innate curiosity and interest have on learning complex subjects outside the normal school environment. The keyword here is interest. By itself, it is a simple word and concept, easily understood, but not so easy to influence, especially with children.

At Computhink Kids, our approach to this learning conundrum is three-pronged and can be described by these 3 questions by the child:

1. What can you do with coding?

What is possible and achievable by programming? We approach this question by showing examples of fun projects that can be done with programming. These can include small mini-games or animations. In the beginner stage, the child would be unsure of what can be done, and it is helpful to be able to emulate and enhance something that is fun and cool.

2. How can you do it?

Secondly, we guide the children to ask open-ended questions. For example, “How can I make the character walk? Can it jump? Can it fly?” As we answer these questions, this is where the learning starts for the child as we guide them along.

3. What else can you do?

By the end of the class, your child would have grasped the basics of programming and computational thinking, and we want to show them what else is possible. Students who can put their own ideas and creativity and apply these to their own projects are the ones we are proudest of :)

Follow-on Mastery Classes

Like any learning, learning programming is best done through regular practice and with guidance from our expert programmer teachers.

During this period of Home-Based Learning, Computhink Kids will continue to provide quality programming classes on our proprietary online Virtual Classrooms. These classes will provide regular instruction on computer programming concepts, with fun programs and activities to engage students.

Principal Profile

David Lee - Master of Technology (Knowledge Engineering) - NUS

David graduated with a Master of Technology from NUS where he explored A.I. technologies and optimisation algorithms.

He has 12 years of experience in the IT industry and has designed and programmed enterprise systems. He was most recently a Project Manager with one of the world’s largest investment banks where he managed and executed projects building online and mobile banking solutions.

David is a registered instructor with MOE and has taught and coached students in Changkat Primary, Red Swastika Primary, Teck Ghee Primary, Rulang Primary and Poi Ching Primary (and more!) in Scratch Programming as part of the Code for Fun initiative. He conducts programming holiday camps and regular classes at Computhink @ Kovan.

**Note: We will be taking photographs or videos of the students during the class. By registering your child's attendance, you are granting Computhink your permission to use photographs, videos or other materials produced during the class as part of Computhink's electronic or non-electronic promotional materials.

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Computhink Kids Online Virtual Classroom

203, Hougang Street 21


Singapore 530203


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