Advanced Design Thinking Certification Masterclass - 27-29 March 2023

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Advanced Design Thinking Certification Masterclass - 27-29 March 2023

Advanced Design Thinking Certification Course- Creativity, Innovation and Problem-Solving

By Emerge Creatives

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Mon, 27 Mar 2023 09:00 - Wed, 29 Mar 2023 17:00 +08


Lifelong Learning Academy 10 Arumugam Rd #05-01 LTC Building A Singapore, Singapore 409957 Singapore

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  • 2 days 8 hours
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Hi, my name is Daniel Ling.

12 years ago I was forced to leave my designer job.. because i wasn’t problem-solving for my boss and back then I didn’t know of an ultimate formula to crush his problems..

but then I found this ULTIMATE FORMULA.. this skillset literally transformed my career.

I joined a bank and people from every dept were queuing to ask me to crush their problems..

I got fascinated and went on to start my own company to teach people how to crush their problems..

I started to run workshops, speak in conferences, and train government professionals..

to tell the whole world about this ULTIMATE FORMULA.. that made organisations pay me over 500K as a consultant and trainer..

You see- people sell you get-rich-quick schemes, property and e-commerce seminars- to get your out of your full-time jobs.. I'm not here to promise you the world and ask you out of your full-time jobs- you have family to feed.

My job is to get you to thrive and be successful in your full-time jobs as a complete professional.. I want to make passive impact to you and empower you to be the best in your professional work.

3 most important skills (according to Forbes) in the 21st century:

💡 Critical Thinking (solve problems with solutions)

💭 Creativity (think outside the box)

👫 Collaboration (working with others)

All these skills will be covered in the course

I also don't want you to just hear it from me. This is what happens:

💡 Advance in Career (Move to Better Places)

💡 Promotion and Salary Increment

💡 Career Satisfaction (Leading Others with DT Secrets)

💡 Thought Leadership (Empower Others w DT Knowledge)

Hundreds of professionals from Singapore government agencies such as Mindef, ICA and NAVY and schools such as Millennia Institute, RP and NUS, top MNCs such as Fuji Xerox, British American Tobacco and DBS have attended my course.

Here's what you'll discover:

Secret #1 - How to Fully HANDS-ON Understand the 5 Step Design Thinking Action Plan Without Academic Jargons

Secret #2 - How to BE A PRO with simple Design Thinking Activities and Templates (Even if You are Neither Creative nor Innovative)

Secret #3 - How to DEBUNK Design Thinking from Waterfall, 6 Sigma or Agile Without Throwing Away What You Already Know!

Program objectives:

* Understand key characteristics of Design Thinking

* 5 Action Phases of Design Thinking – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test

* Empathize- Understand your customers / users

* Define- Define clear project / business objectives

* Ideate- Explore ideas and solutions

* Prototype- Build and visualise ideas

* Test- Review and decide best idea

About the organiser

Organised by
Emerge Creatives

Daniel Ling has more than 10 years of design thinking experience and has moulded himself to be a “designer in a business suit”- strong in the design thinking process and yet relevant to the financial and business industry. He is an effective human factors designer- in areas of space, product and visual architecture for end users.


He heads the Experience Design Team for Income and previously DBS and OCBC, he spearheaded key projects in branch, digital and innovation for leading financial industry. He has facilitated and conducted training to over 300 professionals across government, MNCs and schools. 

He also founded his own company Emerge Creatives from scratch-  design thinking training and consultancy firm which aims to train and empower professionals and individuals with design thinking skills and mindsets on problem-solving, innovation and customer experience. 


He authored the Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals and the book is sold worldwide via Amazon, iTunes, Kinokuniya and MPH.