BEAMP  4: Q&A Session 1: Digital Asset Delivery & Project Management

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BEAMP 4: Q&A Session 1: Digital Asset Delivery & Project Management

Challenge statement owners will discuss select challenge statements under the Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP).

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About this event

The Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP) is a multi-agency initiative designed to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem for the built environment sector in Singapore.

BEAMP is a platform for innovators and industry players to collaborate and accelerate the adoption of advanced building technologies in the built environment sector, allowing for cleaner, higher quality construction that is less manpower intensive.

This session will deal with challenge statements under 'Digital Asset Delivery & Project Management':

1. Automated Collection of Carbon Emission Data [Tomohiro Yoshimura, Project Manager, Obayashi Singapore]

2. Intelligent Remote Monitoring System for Waterproofing [Lu Jin Ping, Managing Director, Hitchins]

3. Seamless Material Tracking for Cement Tanker [Jonathan Lim, Assistant Manager, Sustainability, Pan-United Corporation]

4. Data-centric Approach to Tench Cutter Machine Operations [Cho Byungjin, Cost and Construction Manager, LT Sambo]

5. AI-based Video Analytics for Progress Monitoring [Alois Oh, Project Engineer, Projects Department, Tiong Seng Construction]

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- Q&A Session 3: Inspection, Automation & Robotics (4 October)


Programme Highlights

- Introduction to BEAMP programme, timelines and milestones

- Challenge statement sharing

- Q&A

We look forward to seeing you at the Q&A session.

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