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LIVE Online Programme

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The main objective of this LIVE Online Programme will help you build a diversified Singapore REITs Portfolio for passive income.

As this is an Online Programme, every minute for this programme will be recorded and shared with you for the next month to help enhance your learning with us. So you can keep watching and re-learn again & again!

In this PHASE 2 time-exclusive LIVE Online Programme, Kenny will share how you can take advantage of the Singapore REITs (S-REITS) Market during Phase 2 of Post-circuit breaker.

  1. What does Phase 2 means for the Singapore REITs (S-REITs) Market?

  2. Which S-REITs Sector(s) (Retail, Hospitality, Heathcare, Commercial, Industrial) are expected to grow exponentially due to Singapore reopening up again in 2020?

  3. And which S-REITs Sector(s) are expected to fall by end of 2020?

  4. How we can diversify our S-REITs portfolio for the highest margin of profit returns and minimal losses during this 2020 pandemic?

  5. What's the S-REITs Market Outlook in 2020 & 2021?

  6. And what are the investment steps I must prepare NOW for a strong & reliable S-REITs portfolio for next year?

All these questions form the key topics and foundations of this Upcoming LIVE REITS Online Programme and will be address extensively during the Online Programme.

And you'll learn all the risks to consider before diving clueless into this S-REITs Market especially in Phase 2 Post-Circuit Breaker, and a simple breakdown of actionable investment steps to take in order to start or enhance your REITs investing journey.

After attending this, you will take away a concrete understanding and actionable plan on how you truly profit from this highly lucrative Singapore REITs (S-REITs) Market to build a diversified Singapore REITs portfolio, even amidst this global pandemic.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding Different Types of REIT

  2. Fundamental Analysis and Understanding Important Financial Ratio (Market Cap, PE Ratio, NAV, Gearing Ratio, Distribution Yield)

  3. Analyse the Quality & Dividend Sustainability of REIT (Tenant Mix, Occupancy Rate, WALE, Debt Expiry Profile)

  4. Risk Assessment of the REIT

  5. Valuation of the REIT (Undervalue, Overvalue or Fair Value)

  6. Risks to consider before diving clueless into this Historical S-REITs Market plunge

  7. Build a Diversified REITs portfolio from different sectors

Know that this LIVE REITs Online Programme is Only the Beginning of a Fulfilling Investment Journey with Kenny and everyone at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group.

The REITs Online programme is NOT a 1 Day "touch-and-go" Online Class. You'll also be invited to inner-circle groups for real-time discussions and sharings of REITs investments and opportunities.

The REITs Programme By Kenny Loh Will Include:

  1. Hands-on LIVE REITs Online Programme Conducted by Singapore's most renowned REITs Investor and Coach

  2. One Full Month of Unlimited Access to LIVE REITs ONLINE Programme Recording to keep watching and re-learning

  3. Comprehensive REITs Evaluation Checklist

  4. Exclusive REITs Scanner Software that helps you analyse any REIT in less than 7 minutes and to time the REITs in just 3 seconds!

  5. REITs Table of various Singapore REITs for easy analysis

  6. Access to Market Update and Sharings organised by Singapore's leading Fund Managers

  7. Join one of Singapore's largest REITs Community through a Facebook Secret Group, where you will learn, share and discuss live-market outlook and updates with me and fellow like-minded investors.

For enquiries, please get in touch with us by emailing to portfolio@akltg.com.

As investors, we’ve always known that real estate is one of the best choices of investment on our little island – with rising land prices and stable rental returns, what’s there not to like?

However, we all know that real estate investing is not easy – as these perks come with a huge price tag, and most investors don’t have the knowledge or experience to begin, not to mention in being successful.

Now imagine this – what if you can invest in real estate without worrying about large capital requirements, mortgages, or even having extensive knowledge of tenant and property management?

It sounds too good to be true – but it’s possible, through an investment vehicle called
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). And just like common stocks, REITs are traded on the stock exchange.

Most people have heard of REITs. However, many are still not aware of its potential to grant you a very stable and passive income (about 8% per year if invested correctly).

For enquiries, please get in touch with us by emailing to portfolio@akltg.com.

About the Speaker, Kenny Loh

Kenny Loh, one of the pioneer financial blogger in Singapore since 2009. http://MyStocksInvesting.com attracts over 19,000 blog readers from over 110 countries.

Kenny is especially passionate about REITs and has been conducting the longest running REITs investing course in Singapore where he teaches his simple yet effective method of REITs investing. Featured by media such as AsiaOne, The New Paper and SharesInv for his opinions about REITs, Kenny is also a much sought after speaker at events by organisations such as SGX, SIAS, CIMB securities, RHB securities, InvestingNote, City Index, OnlineTradersClub (Singapore) and Adam Khoo's Wealth Academy Investors Inner Circle.

Now, Kenny helps private clients in estate planning, and he is also licensed to advise and manage investment portfolio for private individuals, currently managing millions. Kenny trains with the wealth faculty at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG), specialising in REITS and investment portfolio building.

This webinar programme is brought to you by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, Singapore's largest training and education organisation.

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LIVE Online Programme

Programme eRoom Link will be Sent to You 2 Days Before Commencement of LIVE Online Programme



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