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Business Mandarin Trial Class Dates

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By Linda Mandarin Language School

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Tue, 10 Oct 2017 19:00 - Sat, 30 Dec 2023 15:00 +08


Linda Mandarin School 137 Cecil Street 07-04 Singapore, Singapore 069537 Singapore

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About this event

Our Business Chinese course is a comprehensive course aiming to improve the communicative and presentation skills for Business Chinese learners. The course suits the needs of those who have attained a certain level of basic conversational skills and wished to improve their business Mandarin language.

Our Business Chinese course caters for learners in business communication activities, emphasizing the combination of special knowledge, working skills and language basics. The training is divided into communication and presentation skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn through learning tasks including role-plays, topic discussion, chart description, presentations, debate, etc.

In the process of learning business knowledge, both social exchanges and hot topics are included such as formal business meetings, business negotiations, trade procedures, product & service presentation, corporate management and culture, customer service analysis, foreign investment, market research, business marketing and advertising, corporate decision making process, financing, etc.

To match all business Chinese Mandarin learning requirements in class, we have also included some real business discussion, graph charts, formal contracts, candidate resumes, advertisements, tendering procedures, agency agreement, questionnaires and much more.

Here are some benefits

  • Customised Business Chinese course syllabus caters to individual learning requirements.

  • Dedicated Native Mandarin trainer with relevant working experience to complete the course with you.

  • Course syllabus produced by Accredited Professional bodies Hanban China and used by many Business Chinese officials.

  • 24/7 learning tools available like Audio CDs, Video lessons and tutor support.

Besides the set-up courses, we can design tailor-made business course content to cater to clients industry and profession in specific business Chinese Mandarin contexts. For example, an HR professional working in Banking & Finance industry, we will customized the course towards the needs of Human Resource and Banking & Finance industry.




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About the organiser

We are a professional Chinese language school, offering high-quality Mandarin courses in Singapore to expatriates and locals for effective communication Mandarin skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. We are proud of our reputation as a Mandarin Language provider of systematic easy-stepped levels, proven methodology and tailor-made learning programs. Our Chinese professional trainers have broad knowledge and experience in teaching Mandarin at all levels to meet the needs of different walks of life.

Linda Mandarin’s tailored made Mandarin courses in Singapore cater to meet Chinese Language learning needs in term of content, flexibility and progression. Our Chinese Classes are stimulating and enjoyable. Progressive Mandarin course content allows students to expand vocabulary and develop Mandarin language abilities in a natural way focusing on mandarin communication skills.

Linda Mandarin’s instructors are graduates of top university degree programs with fluent English and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified. They are all native Mandarin speaker having great experience in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Beside many of them have exposure to Chinese Literature, International Accounting, Trade and Foreign investment etc. which is an added value for Advanced Business Chinese trainings.

Linda Mandarin Chinese Classes vary from Beginner Conversational Mandarin to Advanced Business Mandarin, Intensive Mandarin program, HSK examination preparation, International IB Chinese, Kids Mandarin program and Local schools Chinese tuition.