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Business Success Experiment with Colin and Sam (21 and 22 Oct 17)

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The Meta Secret Room

16 Arumugam Road

LTC Building, Block D, #05-01

Singapore 409961


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Business Success Experiment

3 Days of Revelation, 6 Months of Coaching, 6 More Extra Business Skills Lessons, 10X More Profit

Especially for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are struggling to build a 6-figure Business Model or whose businesses have been stuck at the 5-figure revenue range for years…

Like the majority of entrepreneurs, you probably started your journey because of a burning passion, a supposedly brilliant business idea or concept, or a fashionable trend that so many others are doing which seemed to be able to make you quick and big bucks.

However, you discovered that your passion could only drive you for so long, especially when the profits are not coming in… Your new business idea is so niche and radical that only friends supported you and only after you begged them… And, the trend passes on just 6 months after you started your business leaving you tens of thousands of useless equipment and renovation, and a shop space which is burning your rental fees away.

The sad truth is that for every 10 businesses that started up, 7 are forced to shut down due to costs, or are struggling to keep themselves afloat month after month.

In fact, we have seen all these happen to our friends and businesses around us.

Upon closer study, there exist 3 simple reasons why all of these businesses failed… and it has nothing to do with the lack of experience, capital or a team.

In Singapore, 70% of businesses will wind up after less than 7 years of operations. Out of the remainder, only a very small percentage will find big success.

If you believe or suspect your business is fast gravitating towards that 70%, or you wanted an edge to get your business model right from the start… even if you are in the minority 30% but have been struggling year after year to grow your business towards the 6-figure annual profit or even revenue range…

This Business Success Experiment is for you!

Firstly, let us state what this is not.

This is not one of those “ra-ra” motivational workshops. You will also not get a business-in-a-box. And of course, you will not be sold an MLM opportunity.

This is however, a program where we impart to you a Business Success Model built through the deep analysis of 10 successful 7 and 8-figure local businesses from the likes of Fabian Lim, Alvin Huang and Suria Mohd.

This same model was also created, refined and improved upon through years of learning from various local and international business trainers, such as Marshall Thurber, the legendary mentor of superstar coaches like Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, and more!

This Business Success Model is the same model that we use to grow and scale our own digital marketing business to make a revenue of $80,000 within just the first 3 months!

Jessica and Colin’s sharing is a mind opener for me and set me thinking about how my new business model should be to guarantee success. It is indeed thought-provoking, making me think up of some new and radical ideas for my business. Some ideas which I would not have thought of prior to attending this programme. And with their coaching, I’m confident that some of these so-called ‘radical’ ideas will turn into reality, making my business a truly unique one.

Vanessa Wong, Founder and Tutor of Maths with Van

At this point, we qualify that this is not for every entrepreneurs and business owners. The pre-requisite to partaking in this program is to have your own business. In addition, you must be ready to rebuild your business structure, rethink your processes and even revamp your fundamental concept during and after the program.

This makes the Business Success Experiment particularly suitable for entrepreneurs who are just starting out with small businesses or have businesses which growth has been stuck in the 5-figure revenue range for a protracted amount of time.

Another crucial point to note is that only 10 businesses will be partaking in this second run of the program. And this program is termed as an Experiment. And like all experiments, the outcome may not be fulfilled in all instances, which means there is a slim likelihood that you might not see results in the medium term.

However, to assure you of the confidence we have in this program, we guarantee you will make an income of at least 5 to 10 times that of your fees invested in 6 to 12 months, provided the necessary advice are taken and actioned upon. The guarantee is, if you cannot make as much, your program fees will be refunded.

Besides, the majority of the graduates from the first batch of our program are already on their way to making 5X to even 10X of what they invested in their program. Actually for 2 of them, we reckon an ROI of 100X is very possible! That is because they have restructured their business or have discovered new concepts and ideas like so:

1. A tutor in the group formulated a conceptual business plan to tutor a totally different group of customers that no other tutor has done before!

2. A property agent discovered a totally new branding angle to differentiate himself from his other 27,000 competitors, and provide a value-added service that we haven't seen anyone in his field did before.

3. A trainer got at least 3 brand new ideas on what new courses he can conduct. Actually, he came up with 25 previously-unconceivable ideas from just an hour of applying a proprietary exercise!

4. An online reseller uncovered the secret formula to sell an everyday product at 30% higher price through a simple tweak in its packaging, as well as just rename his FB Page.

5. A consultant managed to sieve out a new type of course and consultation service that none of us has heard of!

All these, along with many other inspirational and surprising stories are possible, because of the revelation that they got during a single evening of workshop! And they took immediate actions and used what they learnt to acomplished what they have in just a matter of days!

However, if you are averse to changing your existing business model or are not keen to take even small actions, this Business Success Experiment would not be suitable for you.

I like your course. The strategies are evergreen and workable. You gave us lots of examples to illustrate the strategies. I wish you had more time to cover the details but you know us best by giving us only what we need for now.

Sam Choo, Founder and Renown Internet Marketer of Singapore Internet Marketers

The whole Business Success Experiment consists of 3 stages of learning and application – 3 Days of Discovery Masterclasses where the most mind-blowing of concepts and techniques will be revealed, 6 months of Coaching which includes face-to-face as well as online sessions, and 6 Business Skills Classes designed to inject extra knowledge into you, and so that you will stay committed and not stray towards the first step of your success.

During the 3 Days of Discovery Masterclass, you will:

1. Understand the single most fundamental reason why even with the best branding, product or services, and marketing, some companies still cannot sell.

2. Discover how you can come up with a truly Unique Selling Proposition in your domain that no competitor will ever comprehend or even copy in just 1 hour!

3. Find out how to package your products and services so that they can be sold twice as much with just 1 small tweak.

4. Learn about the 1 secret sauce that Starbucks, Pepper Lunch and Ikea use to attract 2X, 3X and even 4X more customers than their closest competitors.

5. Uncover the 1 counter-intuitive yet highly-effective method to take on even competitors 100 time of your business’ net worth!

… and many more innovative, surprising, even unorthodox concepts and techniques that our clients have paid thousands for and raved about.

After the revelations from the workshop, you will be coached through follow-up sessions through the 6 months of face-to-face coaching as well as Facebook Group support for 6 months from both Sam Choo and Colin Goh!

In addition, you get to pick 6 business skills lessons to attend with renowned Internet Marketer Sam Choo. Lessons include Affiliate Marketing 101, Effective Copywriting, Facebook Branding, Video Editing, and many others!

And by the end of this Business Success Experiment, you can expect to receive at least 5X to 10X more income than what you have invested in your fees.

“Thanks for another very useful session. Hard not to make money if we implement what we learned.

Han Kok Kwang, Master Trainer and Renown Author of 5 Books, including 2 Best-Sellers

So join us in this unique, engaging and totally different experience where you partake in a day of revelation, 6 months of hand-holding and finding your direction, and growing your business by at least 5X to 10X at the same time!

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Date and Time


The Meta Secret Room

16 Arumugam Road

LTC Building, Block D, #05-01

Singapore 409961


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