Coding Camp for Kids: Learn by Coding Fun Apps & Games! (Returning)

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Coding Camp for Kids: Learn by Coding Fun Apps & Games! (Returning)

Get from beginner to advanced with strong coding fundamentals and a progressive curriculum. Free trial to determine starting level.

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LccL Coding Academy 19 Tanglin Road #04-20 Tanglin Shopping Centre Singapore, 247909 Singapore

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  • For 7 - 8 y.o. and 9 - 11 y.o.
  • 1 week long camp, Monday to Friday, 3 hours each day
  • Small learning group of 1:6 teacher-student ratio
  • Laptops and materials provided
  • Your child is mentored at their own optimal pace to ensure no learning gaps


Pick an intake (all Mon - Fri, 9:30am- 12:30pm)

Nov - Dec 2022

  • 7 - 11 Nov
  • 14 - 18 Nov
  • 21 - 25 Nov
  • 28 Nov - 2 Dec
  • 5 - 9 Dec
  • 12 - 16 Dec

Early bird discount

  • Super Early Bird: $530
  • Early Bird: $570
  • Regular camp fee: $600

Sibling discount

  • 10% off for second sibling
  • 15% off for third sibling
  • Sibling discounts are stacked on to any early bird discounts and apply only if you register via this form.


Coding Camp for Kids: Learn by Coding Fun Apps & Games! (Returning) image

Image: Primary schoolers solving an iteration and data representation problem with block-based coding in Level 3 (CF3). The Coding Fundamentals course is about more than coding - it is about learning how to think and solve problems.

Video: LCCL learner showcases a game he coded. The curriculum imparts concepts via projects that are engaging and relevant to students i.e. learn to code by creating animations, apps and games.

What do students learn?

This programme is part of the LCCL Core Curriculum, and its instructional design is guided by the LCCL Progression Framework. By the end of Coding Fundamentals levels 1, 2, and 3, the learner would have:

  1. Attained a mastery of fundamental coding concepts
  2. Applied computational problem solving strategies
  3. Developed a portfolio of total of 22 - 27 projects including animation, games and apps

This camp follows the Coding Fundamentals Level 2 (CF2) curriculum, which builds and continues the foundational work from CF1. Projects are now of mid-higher intermediate complexity. Students are challenged to think computationally and logically and at the same time build a portfolio of projects that are interesting to the end-user.

Fundamental Coding Concepts, Software Engineering

  • Introduction to functions
  • Complex control flow with nested loops, conditionals and variables
  • Conditionals and boolean logic
  • Applying software engineering development cycle
  • Understanding and using cartesian coordinates in 2D plane in projects
  • Using motion and sound sensors
  • Giving and getting feedback

Computational Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Abstraction
  • Problem formulation
  • Divide-and-conquer
  • Algorithms
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Decomposition
  • Evaluation


  • Scratch 3.0 with extension

Add-on elective camps at a discount

Add-on assorted mini bootcamps at ridiculous fees. We do this because we want a lot of kids to have a lot of fun-filled, enriching quality learning from our curriculum.

Digital Making with micro:bit $288 (U.P. $360)

Minecraft Coding for Kids at $238 (U.P. $360)

STEM Design, Build and Code Machine at $398 (U.P. $600)


How do I know if my child is suitable for this?

If your child completed the CF1 with us, he is suitable. If your child has prior coding experience, contact us for a free trial session. Our teachers will assess your child's suitability and advise accordingly.

How is LccL's Scratch camps different?

Our Coding Fundamentals curriculum is proven to produce students who are well-versed in code and computational thinking, as they are trained in-depth to code complex solutions with Scratch. With strong fundamentals, graduates pick up other disciplines much faster and easier. As a gauge, most CF3 graduates complete the Robotics and Python curriculum in half the time as one without foundational backing.

Is the class in-person?

This is an in-person class, held at LccL Coding Academy's flagship Tanglin campus. Contact us if you need an alternative.

How do I know more about LccL?

Check us out at or visit us virtually.

How do I contact LccL?

WhatsApp or call 6817 2957. Click here to WhatsApp instantly.