Cyber Security Vigilance that Matches Increasing IIoT and OT  Convergence

Cyber Security Vigilance that Matches Increasing IIoT and OT Convergence

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Thailand Standard Time 8:45 AM-10:15 AM (GMT+07:00)

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Cyber security measures for greater convergence of IT and OT environments of industries

The second-largest economy in Southeast Asia expects its economy to gradually recover as its consumers regain confidence. Though Thailand’s economy historically relied heavily on tourism, pandemic restrictions placed the burden of maintaining growth momentum on other industries. This shift means a greater focus on convergence, alignment and integration of IT and OT environments and optimal security for the new resulting ecosystems.

It was common to see modern organisations grappling with the traditional physical machines, manufacturing systems, electromechanical devices and other industrial equipment. However, advanced information communication technologies are increasingly demanding the integration of digital networking, servers, data storage and cloud technology to run applications and process data. This merging via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has proven effective in yielding greater efficiency, increased automation, and better use and analysis of data.

Automation and Cyber Security for Thailand’s Critical Sectors

In this conference, the cybersecurity of various important industries in Thailand will be discussed.

Food & Beverage Industry

The Food Industry of Thailand contributes more than 20% to the country’s GDP, making it a critical component domestically and internationally. Thailand’s food exports alone reached more than US$30 billion in 2021 and are expected to increase by 7.1% this year. This massive contribution to the GDP by the food industry leaves no doubt that it is vital to national revenue. It is, in fact, one of the ten key growth engines in line with Thailand 4.0.

Automation in food processes has been increasing in an effort to have more produce and efficiencies in the system. However, studies show, despite suffering more penetration and attacks of cybercriminals, this industry remains without adequate cyber protection.

Automotive Industry

With a 36.2% growth in 2021, the automotive industry is the number one driver of Thailand’s exports and contributes 12% to the national GDP. The country is a regional vehicle production and export base of several top global carmakers. Though severely affected by the pandemic, it is to be a significant part of the national economic recovery.

The use of IIoT in the above industries resulted in higher efficiency, real-time data flow, cost-reduction, better data aggregation, use and analysis. It led to innovation and advancement across the board. Concurrently, the exceptional performance of the resulting ecosystem and the use of IIoT over OT opened immense cybersecurity challenges. Emerging issues need to be addressed quickly before economies shift to high gear. The very points of convergence for IT and OT are also the most vulnerable areas where security breaches can happen.

Complex Environments

Combining the old and new systems creates complex environments that bring advantages and disadvantages. Points of integration are the very openings exploited by cybercriminals. Knowing the enemy’s strategy is half the battle won.

Real-time Data

The use of IIoT enables machines in industries to relay real-time information. The timely delivery of critical information allows seamless solutions that prevent negative consequences. Such benefits empower security professionals to ensure the integrity of systems, applications, and processes. For instance, the integrity of processes within the food and beverage companies is critical not just for the businesses but also for the general population.

Protection of Sensitive Data and Information

Proprietary information is the prized possession of every business and is even legally protected by governments. Documentation of a firm’s competitive advantage, personally identifiable information of customers and other hosts of data are all targets of cybercriminals. Though one cannot stop cybercriminals from pursuing these valuable resources, companies can arm themselves with adequate protection.

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight that aims to provide the latest cyber security methods, strategies, and tools that could protect your business’s valuable processes and resources. This event is by invitation only and will be an interactive session with top public sector leaders from Thailand.

This unique session will present the latest research and case studies on the current use and possibilities for cyber security in the Food & Beverage, Automotive, and other important industries of Thailand such as:

  • Understanding how to properly plan and execute cyber security strategy and measures.
  • Establish best practices for proper monitoring of convergence points to secure possible entry points of cybercriminals.
  • Discuss proven effective risk management steps taken by some organisations.
  • Ensuring adequate cyber protection for increasingly complex IIoT and OT ecosystems.
  • Establishing collaboration with teams of cloud and security experts to ensure a successful security strategy.

Who should attend:

  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Heads of Cyber Security
  • Heads of Engineering
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