Data-First Modernisation to Supercharge the Financial Institutions

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Data-First Modernisation to Supercharge the Financial Institutions

Singapore Standard Time 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT+08:00)

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InterContinental Singapore 80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966 Singapore, 188966 Singapore

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Innovative Digital Capabilities to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Many of Singapore's financial institutions have successfully undergone an acceleration of transformation thanks to the pandemic. Now they are exploring how to use technological advancement to enhance the consumer journey, tapping advanced digital transformation technologies and strategies. Finding the correct expertise, however, can be difficult yet surprisingly feasible as technological functions have evolved to improve the employee experience (EX).

Prepared or not, technology will eventually infiltrate practically every element of financial services. Financial institutions need to be more digitally capable, especially as Singapore's regulators level the playing field with start-ups in the technology sector.

On a positive note, in a global survey, financial services firms were found to be the most technologically inclined, with 89% of them pursuing digital transformation. These institutions are diligently working to create data strategies that will allow them to foresee what their customers will do and then advise them appropriately and suggest transactions.

Due to the current predominance of digital, the approach for serving and growing the customer base is a commitment to making financial services easier, more intelligent and secure. These plans will improve the customer experience (CX) and boost customer satisfaction scores.

Nevertheless, financial institutions need to also consider deploying innovation strategies that focus on reusable platform features and functions to help with cost control. This will enable a strong, secure and adaptable cloud that is solely committed to achieving high performance in large-scale operations, speed for providing particular finance requirements and convergence with security and compliance criteria.

Exploring a Data-First Transformation Strategy

In principle, this technique suggests putting new equipment, software and services into use. Only until an organisation learns how to gather, use, and act on data effectively, as well as use that data to design new processes, can real change occur.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure to Improve Customer Experience

Financial institutions must be able to react effectively to changing market conditions and client banking needs. Because the computing environment may enable the access of many apps, multi-cloud has demonstrated an improvement in work times and the speed of information processing. Shortening access times will also optimise the digital and mobile banking experience.

Genuine Techniques for Data Harnessing

Mastering a unique ability to transform interaction points, mine data and gather insights through in-depth analysis enables immersive experiences that have not yet been created.

Preventing Fraud and Adhering to Regulations

Finding a way to comply and report while not burdening the organisation with costs and resources is a major challenge, regardless of whether the issue is data privacy, capital limits, regional or international.

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to our Financial Institution Day - an exclusive F2F event aimed at imparting knowledge to Singapore financial institutions. The session will help institutions to focus on enhancing technology, customer experience (CE), employee experience (EX), data modernisation and fraud prevention.

We will discussing:

  • SIMPLIFYING banking processes for customers to give them a hassle-free banking experience
  • IMPROVING customer experience (CX), which earns more points and develops more engaged customers
  • ENHANCING employee experience (EX) with skills to fully utilise the technology effectively
  • DECENTRALISING trust to build trust that ensures the flow of data from the edge to the cloud
  • ACCESSING data using cutting-edge data techniques
  • RAISING the bar on security to prevent fraud

Who should attend:

  • Group Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Chief Data Innovation Officer
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Customer and Digital Officer
  • Chief Digital Transformation Officers
  • Directors of Innovation
  • Directors of Technology Transformation
  • Directors of Technology Excellence
  • Directors of Finance Technology
  • Heads of Group Customer Analytics and Decisioning
  • Heads of Agile Transformation