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Mandarin Oriental

5 Raffles Avenue

Singapore, 039797


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Words have always been the most natural way to tell stories.

However, the rising importance of data has created a new need for us, which is to tell a story with numbers. Something that doesn’t come naturally to us.

We have always presented an analysis of numbers. Hence, we are great at analysing the data but not so great at being able to use the insights from our data analysis to influence people to make better decisions.

Therefore, Data Storytelling skill becomes key to anyone who works with data. Because if you are not using the data for the desired change then what are you gathering and analysing it for?

Your data may hold tremendous amounts of potential value, but not an ounce of value can be created unless insights are uncovered and translated into actions or business outcomes.

LinkedIn recently reported data analysis is one of the hottest skill categories over the past two years for recruiters.

However, data analysis skills unless paired with data storytelling skills are worthless.

Who is this workshop for?

Let us assume it is for someone like Fiona Keel, who is a Data Analyst at a telecommunications company. Fiona is good being able to analyse the data.

She also has the skills to visualise the data reasonably well.

However, the moment she asked to present the data. Fiona cracks under pressure and even if she presents, she is repeating what the graph or chart on the slide has.

Sadly, this common inability of datanalysers to influence minds and drive the change is a roadblock to better business outcomes.

Too often data storytelling is understood to be visualizing data effectively, however, it is much more than just creating visually-appealing data charts.

Data storytelling is a engaging communication of data insights and this workshop is for anyone who needs this vital skill.

What is covered ?

This 3 hour workshop is designed to cover the following

1) Decision Maker Analysis:

There is a good chance that before even you present your data insights and try to change mindsets, your audiences are telling themseleves a story that is a roadblock to your desired outcome.

Do you know what those stories are? If yes, how are you going to use that knowledge? if no, how are you going to get that knowledge ?

Do the audiences already trust you or you have to build credibility?

This is the first step towards any communication. Self relevance is the super glue to attention and it is important to learn how to make your data story relevant to who is listening to you.

2) Data Story Patterns :

Assuming you have built Trust /Credibility and overcome roadblocks using the stories you are now in a position to data storytell.

There are 2 ways you can present the data

Explanatory Data Story Pattern which focusses on a compelling insight which has driven the numbers behaviour. This pattern helps establish why the number trended the way they did. We look for cause and effect in this pattern.

Exploratory Data Story Pattern focusses on how the discovery was made. This helps build credibility as well as gives the audience an insight in to how you arrived at a certain conclusion with your data analysis

3) Tips and Techniques to better convey numbers :

This section is focussed on 3 commonly made mistakes whilst working with Data and what can one do to avoid them

- Compare it something for appreciation of the number

- Avoid Problem Solution Mode which lacks insight

- Suggesting An Action

Narrative is a management consulting firm that provides Business Storytelling for Organizational Change. Anjali Sharma is the Managing Director of Narrative: The Business of Stories. Anjali has an extensive background in Hospitality and Client Relations having worked as a Director with the Hyatt Hotels and Brand Management Agencies such as Jack Morton and George P Johnson, in India, Singapore and Australia.

This background constantly informs her Business Storytelling workshops so that they are not just theoretical, but are based on extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of strategic issues facing companies and of the issues facing employees in delivering their best for their companies. Some of the clients Narrative has worked with are Shell, Cisco, Microsoft and Petronas

About Anjali Sharma, Workshop Facilitator

Anjali Sharma is the Managing Director of Narrative: The Business of Stories, a management consulting firm that helps businesses solve their communication challenges with stories and narrative techniques.

Anjali has worked in corporate roles for over 16 years in Australia, Singapore and India. She helps business leaders, data analysts, sales professionals and TEDx speakers find and tell stories.

Interested ? Have Questions ? Please contact Anjali via email anjali.sharma@narrative.com.sg or WhatsApp/ call her at +65 91816692

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Date and Time


Mandarin Oriental

5 Raffles Avenue

Singapore, 039797


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