Digital Transformation: Exploring the Shift through various perspectives

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Digital Transformation: Exploring the Shift through various perspectives

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Many companies struggle to move to a subscription business model. Customers are demanding a Subscription business model. If they don’t shift, their competitors will win market share. At the same time, investors are demanding Predictability & Efficiency.

To talk about how companies are addressing this conundrum, Tyler Sloat (CFO @Zuora) will join us for a webinar on 29th November at 17:00 CET (European Winter Time).

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As previously, the idea is to engage alumni in this journey. We're crowdsourcing the questions from you, so, as you register, please send us the 1 question you want to ask Tyler.

Host: Vikas Pandurkar @TMT Network

What to expect?

In his role, Tyler has a bird's eye view of all clients on the Zuora's platform and gained deep insights on how company successfully shift their business from buy-to-subscription model. He will share practical, implementable insights on which data to collect, which KPIs to monitor etc

Whether you are an executive in a fast growing B2B company or in a large corporation experimenting with subscription models, this webinar provides insight, tools and implementable ideas weaned from holding the purse strings at one of the fastest growing companies enabling the subscription economy. The subscription economy is growing many times the S&P 500


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This webinar is part of the series on Digital Transformation / Subscription Economy. If you didn't attend the first event live, you can watch an edited version here:

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