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Experience Enlightenment with Preethaji and Krishnaji in Singapore (LIVE)

Experience Enlightenment with Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji in Singapore 体验开悟与普瑞塔吉和克里希纳吉 新加坡

By One Family SG

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Sunday, June 25 · 10am - 1:30pm +08


Orchid Country Club Grand Ballroom 1 Orchid Club Road Singapore, 769162 Singapore

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About this event

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
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The Doorway to Enlightened Living

The spiritual & the material worlds have been perceived as irreconcilable human polarities for eons. You either have people who are disinterested in the world & live detached from the challenges that surround them OR you have people who are ambitious & burnt out in the process of solving their challenges and reaching their goals.

EXPERIENCE ENLIGHTENMENT is a powerful wisdom & meditation gathering lead by the enlightened masters Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, that brings these two seeming dichotomies together. You will receive a direct transmission of of Unperturbed Peace consciousness & explore possibilities of processing complex life’s challenges from this enlightened state.

Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji are the founders of EKAM, a world-renowned philosophy & wisdom school in southern India, fast becoming recognized as a world center for enlightenment.

They run two massive charities that have impacted over 5 million lives. As modern enlightened sages, they have one laser-focused mission: to help end inner stress & division in the minds of humankind to bring about a massive & radical shift in human consciousness to Oneness NOW!

During this unprecedented 4-hour experience-driven program, you will:

  • Receive insight & wisdom to break free of erroneous assumptions & help you live a life free of strife and stress
  • Be guided through Ancient Breathwork, Body Movement & Chanting to push the brain beyond the limited sense of self into an intuitive, expansive space of theta
  • Experience an awakening in the latent energy of the body called kundalini, through a deep ancient process
  • Be gifted with a direct transference of the Enlightened State of Great Peace through Sri Preethaji’s & Sri Krishnaji’s expanded state of consciousness

We will explore the possibilities of dynamic, functional living from an enlightened state of peace through a dynamic interactive Q & A session.

Imagine what it will be like for you and your loved ones to be living in an unperturbed state of peace.

  • Imagine everyday lived with a clear-thinking mind
  • Imagine being with your partner & family with total presence
  • Imagine leadership and decision making from a calm & quiet mind
  • Imagine the world operating from this new state of peace with a sense of connection & compassion for all living beings

EXPERIENCE ENLIGHTENMENT is an awakening to the possibility of a grand fusion of supreme efficiency, & enlightened consciousness. This is the highest potential of humanity.

If you are drawn to the possibility of Enlightened Living, please SAVE THE DATE (25th Jun) & join us for EXPERIENCE ENLIGHTENMENT!


亿万年来,灵性世界和物质世界一直被认为是人类不可调和的两极。 您要么有人对世界不感兴趣并且远离他们周围的挑战,要么有人雄心勃勃并在解决挑战和实现目标的过程中精疲力尽。

《体验开悟》是由开悟大师普瑞塔吉和克里希纳吉领导的强大的智慧和静心聚会,它将这两个看似二分法的事物结合在一起。 你将直接接收到无干扰的和平意识,并探索从这种开悟状态处理复杂生活挑战的可能性。

普瑞塔吉和克里希纳吉是EKAM的创始人,EKAM 是印度南部世界著名的哲学和智慧学校,迅速成为公认的世界开悟中心。

他们经营着两个影响了超过 500 万人生命的大型慈善机构。 作为现代开悟圣人,他们有一个专注于激光的使命:帮助结束人类思想中的内在压力和分裂,使人类意识发生巨大而根本的转变,并迈向合一!

在这个史无前例的 4 小时体验驱动活动中,你将:

  • 获得洞见和智慧,摆脱错误的假设,帮助你过没有冲突和压力的生活
  • 通过古老的呼吸法、身体运动和唱诵来引导大脑超越有限的自我意识,进入直觉性、广阔的 theta 空间
  • 通过古老的深层过程,体验名为昆达里尼的身体潜在能量的觉醒
  • 通过普瑞塔吉和克里希纳吉的扩展意识状态,获得对伟大和平的开悟状态的祝福



  • 想象头脑清晰的日常生活
  • 想象全神贯注与你的伴侣和家人在一起时
  • 想象从冷静和平静头脑中进行领导和决策
  • 想象世界在这种新的和平状态下运作,对所有众生都有一种连结感和慈悲心

《体验开悟》是最高效率和开悟意识大融合的可能性的觉醒。 这是人类最高的潜能。

如果你被开悟生活的可能性所吸引,请记下日期(6 月 25 日)并加入我们体验开悟!

Ekam Organisers in Singapore & Malaysia

  • Li Leng +6593621294
  • Joo Teng +60193823511
  • Joo Lee +60122107990
  • Shui Shui +60127622006
  • Lai Yong +60122621478
  • Stephenny +60123086822
  • Kevin +60125753535
  • Shereen +60122008484

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