Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course - 5 July 2018 (Thu)

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Thank you, your seat(s) has been reserved! Do come on time and be prepared to take notes and learn how you can pick stocks that deliver 100% or more returns!

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Success Training Centre

Bras Basah Complex


Singapore, Singapore 180231


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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Thank you, your seat(s) has been reserved! Do come on time and be prepared to take notes and learn how you can pick stocks that deliver 100% or more returns!
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How any non-finance trained investor can easily detect stocks that deliver 100% or more returns using a structured investing methodology that is proven by over 25 years of research.

Start becoming profitable in 2018.

Profitable and sustainable investing is tough.

If you have already been investing, you would already know of this fact.

When the market is going up, everyone makes money, everyone is happy. Everyone is an investor.

However, when the market starts turning on its head...

That's when many sad 'investors' start losing money, and many more get burnt.

It's just as Warren Buffett said; "only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked."

A group of academics set out to examine stocks that seem to do better than the rest. They classified and grouped stocks based on specific characteristics; Value, Size, Profitability, etc.

They have spend 25 years researching on these characteristics which they term as 'Factors' and have published their results to the world. But many investors have stumbled with the practical implementation of these findings.

We spent 4 years testing, tweaking and figuring out how we can convert theory into a step-by-step structured methodology.

And Factor-Based Investing has rewarded us generously:

At this 2.5 hours Factor-based investing introductory course, you'll discover how you too can pick out such stock and start growing your wealth in 2018...regardless of the overall market movement.

Grab your free seat, bring a notepad and be prepared to learn.

Picking stocks the potential to deliver 100% or more returns using precise factor exposures in stocks such as size, value or momentum.

Today, fund managers and smart money around the world are stealthily starting to adopt a revolutionary concept of investing that increases their ability to beat the market; Factor-Based Investing.

Now you can become one of the first few investors in Singapore to exploit these precise factor exposures.

Capture the first mover advantage, secure excess returns like the pros, before the rest of the market catches on.

Dr Wealth Factor Based Investing Course

what you will learn

The knowledge that we are about to share could change your investment journey and help your returns curve reach greater heights, just like what it did for us.

Of course, as with all things investing, there's no guarantee.

You are NOT a guinea pig. Here's what our graduates say:

"The Dr Wealth team is on the side of little guys like you and me. They have a genuine passion for invest and share only useful knowledge for individual investors. I would recommend Dr Wealth to anyone who wants to learn a disciplined and consistent approach to investing." - Sophia Lee

"The strategy worked for the past 2 years, even when the overall market didnt't perform well." - Yiming

Grads Gathering

"Dr Wealth is very generous with their sharing and are a great guide in the complex world of investing." - Aaron Koh

"The Dr Wealth team are very sincere and do not hold back when sharing their insights." - Evin Toh

"I recommend Dr Wealth to fresh graduates as well as those who need to learn financial knowledge but do not know where to start." - Chi Woon

"There was clarity in delivery. Highly Recommended for beginners and those looking to start their investing journey." - Adeline Goh

Is the Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course for me?

The Factor-Based Investing Course is specifically designed for:

  • Frustrated investors who can't seem to figure out how others can make money and grow their wealth in any market
  • Determined investors who are willing to put in effort (at least 1 hour / week) to pick stocks and take profit
  • Active investors who want their effort to pay off and beat the market so that their wealth grows exponentially

P.S. if you are a passive investor and want to remain so, this is NOT for you. In long term investing, rewards are often strongly corelated to the amount of time and effort put in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What, specifically, will I have when I finish this class that I don't have today?

A: You will learn a revolutionary investing blueprint that will allow you to pick stocks with the potential to deliver 100% or more returns, so that you can start growing and compounding your wealth in 2018. We do this by sieving out stocks that are inclined to perform better than their peers.

Q: What if I don't have any experience in investing? Will this still work for me?


Factor-based investing allows small investors like us to exploit certain key characteristics of stocks that outperform. All these can be done using financial figures reported by the companies. You don't need to know any insider news or 'guru's secret', all you need is a clearly defined, step-by-step methodology that has been proven to work.

Q: Why should I book a seat in this training today as opposed to waiting until later?

Why would you want to wait till later to start profiting in the stock markets?

There are many opportunities in the stock market now, and these opportunities will not wait for you to be ready.

Understanding how to pick a stock is the first step to investing successfully as a DIY investor. If you are serious about investing to grow your wealth, you would definitely want to join us, learn and implement asap.

Dr Wealth

About Dr Wealth

We are an investor-centric platform providing investor education and portfolio management tools. We have conducted classes and workshops for close to 4,000 attendees in the past few years. The topics include value investing, dividends, REITs, bonds, angel investing and other personal finance matters. These lessons were delivered from the perspective of a Do-It-Yourself investor.

We changed our name from BigFatPurse to Dr Wealth in 2017 after an acquisition of Doctor Wealth Pte Ltd. This marked a new milestone as we embark on developing portfolio management app for DIY investors to track their investments conveniently and enhance their stock picking process.

Date and Time


Success Training Centre

Bras Basah Complex


Singapore, Singapore 180231


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