Forward; 10 years of crossing Middle Eastern and Asian Contemporary Dance.

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Forward; 10 years of crossing Middle Eastern and Asian Contemporary Dance.

A double-bill dance concert by Le'Mirage, Performing Arts. Celebrating a decade of crossing Middle Eastern and Asian Contemporary dance.

By Le'Mirage, Bellydance in Singapore

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Starts on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 19:00 +08


Stamford Arts Centre 155 Waterloo Street #01-08 Singapore, 187962 Singapore

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  • 2 hours
  • Mobile eTicket

Doors Open : 6:30pm

A double-bill dance concert.

From the doms and taks of traditional music and dance to an array of contemporary fantasies.

Join the dance troupe of Le'Mirage, Performing Arts, led by Singapore's male bellydancer Darren Ho, as they perform their highly acclaimed dance repertoire, including the debut of "Trilogy of the Heart Sutra."

Featuring guest artists:-

  • J2, Shynz Productions (Singapore)
  • Nashwa (Japan/Singapore)
  • Jodie (Thailand)
  • Miki (Japan/Singapore)
  • Angelina Tay (Singapore)
  • Maia Amani (Singapore)

General Advisory:

1. Children must be age 4 and above to be admitted into the theatre. All ticket(s) must be purchased. Children under 4 will not be admitted into the theatre, even with a ticket. Please bring along proof of child's age as random checks may be conducted at the venue.

2. All attendees must be fully vaccinated. (1st & 2nd Dosage of the COVID-19 vaccination).

3. Mask-wearing is optional. However, patrons are encouraged to continue to exercise responsibility and caution, such as wearing masks when in crowded places.

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As a precautionary measure, if an artist/crew/staff is tested positive for COVID-19, all Le'Mirage, Performing Arts artists, crew and staff involved will also take the self-administered Antigen Rapid Test and monitor their health. Where necessary, performances will be cancelled and ticketholders will be informed.

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. All persons shall be required to comply with all existing requirements as stipulated in these Terms & Conditions, on their admission tickets, and/or other rules and regulations as may be imposed by Le'Mirage, Performing Arts from time to time.

    2. All persons shall submit to body and bag search and examination for prohibited items (including but not limited to weapons, dangerous or illegal substances, and unauthorized recording devices) by authorized representatives upon entry to and exit from the Venue. Le'Mirage, Performing Arts also reserves the absolute right to conduct random security checks on all persons within the Venue at any time.

    3. All persons are required to show proof of age and identity upon request by authorized representatives of Le'Mirage, Performing Arts.

    4. Le'Mirage, Performing Arts shall not be liable for any loss of articles or property left unattended within the Venue.

    5. Le'Mirage, Performing Arts reserves the sole and absolute right, without refund or compensation, and without having to assign any reason therefor, to refuse admission and to eject from the Venue.

    These shall include but not be limited to the following:-

    a. Persons under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs;

    b. Persons who are improperly or indecently attired;

    c. Persons who are ill and afflicted with infectious diseases;

    d. Persons who exhibit violence or riotous, disorderly or indecent behavior;

    e. Persons who engage in inappropriate, abusive, anti-social, or criminal conduct;

    f. Insane, demented, or emotionally distressed persons;

    g. Persons in breach of or who refuses to comply with these terms and condition or any other applicable terms and conditions; and

    h. Unauthorised vendors or solicitors.

6. Le'Mirage, Performing Arts shall be entitled in its sole and absolute discretion to postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the event, performance and/or show, and/or deny access to the Venue, due to adverse weather, dangerous situations, or any other cause beyond its reasonable control.

    7. Le'Mirage,Performing Arts shall not be liable for any death, personal injury (unless such death or personal injury was caused by the negligence of Le'Mirage,Performing Arts), loss, damage, expense or liability, however caused while in the Venue nor are they liable for any complaint, claim, refund, or exchange for any reason whatsoever, including such as may arise from any failure, delays, postponements, cancellations, defects, mishaps, accidents, breakdowns, road conditions, weather and other adverse events or conditions in relation to the Venue.

    8. You voluntarily assume all risks and dangers incidental to the event, performance and/or show whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual event, performance, and/or show including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability.

    9. All ticket holders shall at all times be subject to (i) any terms and conditions imposed by Le'Mirage,Performing Arts; (ii) any entry conditions and/or house rules which may be found at the Venue; (iii) any terms and conditions relating to the events, performances and/or shows; and (iv) any terms and conditions displayed at Eventbrite website.

    10. Le'Mirage,Performing Arts may in its sole and absolute direction, alter, add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or the advertised details (including but not limited to seating arrangements and audience capacity) for an event, performance and/or show without prior notice.

    11. Tickets cannot be resold, transferred, exchanged, refunded, redistributed and/or used for any commercial or marketing event, activity promotion or purpose, without the prior written consent of Le'Mirage,Performing Arts, and Le'Mirage,Performing Arts reserves the absolute right to revoke any tickets that are used in breach this clause.

    12. Tickets sold, including any transaction fees, booking fees and/or other supplementary fees which may apply to such tickets, are strictly non-refundable.

    13. Save for tickets to free seating and/or general admission, events, performances and/or shows which are not eligible for replacement.

    14. Le'Mirage,Performing Arts reserves the sole and absolute right, without refund or compensation, to refuse admission where it reasonably suspects that the ticket used is stolen, counterfeit, damaged, unreadable and/or that it was reported lost.

    15. All persons within the Venue are expected to conduct themselves with due propriety and responsibility.

    16. All persons within the Venue shall refrain from improper, disorderly, anti-social or abusive conduct, including but not limited to the following conduct:-

    a. Use of profanity or vulgarities whether written or spoken, when interacting with members of the staff of Le'Mirage,Performing Arts;

    b. Acts or threats of intimidation or abuse, whether physical or verbal, and whether actual or perceived, towards members of staff of Le'Mirage,Performing Arts or members of the public;

    c. Creating disturbances or being a nuisance to members of the public, members of Le'Mirage,Performing Arts, or causing disruption to the smooth running of the event, show and/or performances within the Venue; and

    d. Refusal to comply with any of the terms and conditions imposed by Le'Mirage,Performing Arts.

    16. The following are strictly prohibited within the Venue:-

    • Smoking

    • Alcohol not purchased within the Venue

    • Animals / pets

    • Narcotics or illegal substances

    • Sharp objects, weapons or firearms

    • Portable laser equipment and pens

    • Consumption of outside food or drinks

    • Unauthorised use of photography, audio or video recording devices (including mobile devices)

    • Aerosals, glass bottles, jars, containers over 100ml

    • Explosives, inflammable substances and other dangerous or hazardous items

    17. All prohibited subject matter shall be subject to confiscation by authorised representatives of Le'Mirage,Performing Arts.

    18. All persons suspected or found to be carrying illegal items or carrying out illegal activities in the Venue may be handed over to the Police, and evicted or refused entry.

    19. All persons found to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions, admission requirements, ticketing terms or conditions of entry may be requested to leave the Venue immediately.

    20. If you are photographed, filmed or taped on the Venue, you consent to Le'Mirage,Performing Arts broadcast, publish, license and/or use of any such photographs, films, recordings or images of you without compensation.

    21. Notwithstanding anything herein, to the extent that any provisions herein is inconsistent or otherwise in conflict with other terms and conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

    22. Singapore law shall govern these terms and conditions, while Singapore courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes or matters arising hereunder.

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