How Do I Make My Money Work For Me With Passive Income

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17 Phillip Street, Grand Building, #02-00

Singapore, 048695

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Hi there,

Do you want to live a routine and unexciting lifestyle working for others or do you want to trust your heart and achieve success?

Hi, I'm Jay Chia, a well-sought after IBF approved financial trainer and experienced trading representative, and has conducted numerous trainings around the South-East Asian region, having taught over 1000 individuals.

Wealth is hard to obtain because it is income minus expenses. Nowadays, earning money is not easy and expenses are hard to reduce.

Even if you have a shortcut to getting out of the rat race like striking lottery or marrying someone rich, you must be able to manage the wealth or you may just lose it quickly.

So knowing how to manage wealth is important.

According to Robert Kiyosaki's ideas on creating consistent passive income, there are different ways to produce income.

Are you a business owner or employee who has active income? Or are you an investor who has passive income?

And what is the best way to turn active income into passive income?

One way is by investing and getting dividend returns or what others say "using money to make money". Is >8% annual return achievable?

Come for my workshop where I will answer all those questions and you can learn how to manage your wealth.

I want to help people understand the proper way of managing their money because there is no point to earn money if you can't live a lifestyle that you want.

Conforming to a group brings security but what if others are wrong? Do you still follow them or do you go against the majority?

The greater the loss, the harder to recover so what decisions should you make under pressure? Should you take the risk now to get bigger profits in the future?

Sometimes having many options to choose from can cause you to lose focus on what you want. So how do you know which option to choose from?

These are some questions that I can address during my upcoming Investment Seminar. And most importantly, to equip you with knowledge on how to take action for your own success.

The knowledge I'll reveal will be UNLIKE any other investment events where "gurus" usually reveal charts and trend lines. I'll be sharing about common psychology of investors and how to use the knowledge to make the best financial decisions.

Join me and you will learn how to achieve success and live a lifestyle that you want!

In this free 2hr Workshop, you will be learning:

1) How do I make my money work for me and to manage wealth

2) Using passive income to grow wealth: Learn how to get regular passive income to grow your wealth

3) Types of Investors and their psychology: Learn the psychology and understand irrational financial decisions that retailers always make that impact their investment and trading decisions

4) How to handle losses and manage your risk: Learn how to make rational investment decisions while managing your risk

5) Achieving Success: Learn what is the formula to success and the steps to achieving it

Please register early as seats are limited! I can't wait to share with you my knowledge and help you live a lifestyle that you want.

Who is Jay Chia?

With more than 10 years of experience, Jay Chia is a dual-licensed Trading Representative and Financial Advisor with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd and holds a degree specialising in finance. He applies his extensive financial knowledge of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis to form basis for his market insights. Extremely passionate and highly approachable, Jay loves to share and discuss his knowledge so as to educate his clients and the community.

He is a well-sought after financial trainer, and has conducted numerous trainings around the South-East Asian region, including Singapore and Malaysia, having taught over 1000 individuals. He focuses on helping clients achieve their financial goals and increase their probability of success in the stock market through unique and simple strategies, combining Fundamental and Technical analysis.


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Date and Time


17 Phillip Street, Grand Building, #02-00

Singapore, 048695

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