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How to Create Your First World-class Memorable Book (Workshop)

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2-day intensive workshop for aspiring authors with an author of 20 books to get started with your first world-class book

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Imagine writing a great book yourself, with your mind, your soul, your fingers – containing your life’s experience in your words. A book you can proudly show to your son, daughter, mother, father, or spouse and thank them to allow you time and encouragement to complete this best work of your life. Wouldn’t it be great?

This 2-day workshop (not a webinar), conducted by an international author of 20 books, a professional speaker, and a recognized global training design specialist with unmatchable experience in speeding up professional learning.

This workshop is for experienced professionals, executives, speakers, trainers and leaders who are aspiring to be first-time authors. This workshop is specifically suited to you if you have never written a large piece of publish-worthy text before.

Before you sign-up, do read and listen to the testimonials from previous participants. This workshop is a one-time rare opportunity you won't get anywhere else. It is far from what you may have attended previously in the market. By the end of the workshop, if you are not genuinely blown away by the level of thought process, insights or tools shared in the workshop, you can simply ask for a refund (minus taxes).


A real, intense, training workshop

Not a webinar designed for upselling

100% live, real-time, Interactive zoom session

Online live via zoom

2 days of intensive training with process, blueprints, tips, and guidance

8 hours of start-to-end training spread over 2 weekends

Shows a complete start-to-end process

Participants will be required to join with cameras and microphones

A world-class mix of mentoring, training, coaching, and guidance

Taught by an international learning leader and author of 20 books


Over 2 consecutive Satursdays

27th Feb batch (11 am to 3 pm on 27th Feb and 6th March)

24th April batch (11 am to 3 pm on 24th April and 1st May)

26th June batch (11 am to 3 pm on 26th June and 3rd July)


You will get an overall understanding of what it takes to get started systematically and step-by-step to produce and publish a book which is:









WHAT THEY SAY….“I was blown away by Dr Raman’s online webinar on writing and publishing a book. His ideas and methods challenge the general notion of book writing. This totally resonated with me. As an author of 18+ books, Dr. Raman shared top secrets from his book writing philosophy to tools. What differentiates him is both breadth and depth in knowledge. His presentation was not only rich in valuable information and insights, but also inspiration and motivation!”

– Dr Lakshmi, Senior Program Manager & Keynote Speaker. NUS-DUKE Medical School. Singapore.


You will learn to:

  • Identify what should be your first book
  • Decide and narrow down the key idea, topic and title of the book
  • Total path to develop, write and publish your first book
  • Book market in general and how it works
  • How to get started with developing your first world-class book
  • Avoid a low-quality, self-publishing trap
  • Leverage external research and writings in your books
  • Avoid legal, copyright and plagiarism issues
  • Capture millions of ideas and thoughts
  • How not to let any thought go waste
  • Organize tons of your ideas and thoughts as a verifiable work
  • Translate your thoughts into a professional book structure
  • Develop and create a book (not writing)
  • Convert your development into world-class writing
  • Quality writing for a memorable work
  • Structural pieces, features to include in your book
  • Different tools, resources and software for book writing
  • Automation vs outsourcing vs delegation protocols
  • Content research and increasing authenticity
  • Different routes for review, editing and formatting
  • Routes for publishing the first book

WHAT THEY SAY…."Raman's session was extremely valuable and informative. Raman is a prolific author and a multifaceted professional (scientist, corporate leader, thought leader, and so on - to name a few). This session had a lot of very specific and useful takeaways for aspiring authors. It is proof of Raman's love of learning that he has taken the time to share his expertise freely with others."

- Sriman Venketesan, Senior Manager, Xilinx Corp, Singapore.


If you feel strongly about your idea of the first book

If you have never written a large piece of literature or manuscript before

If you want your first book to be memorable

If you want to produce world-class quality content right the first time

If you want to feel proud of the content and idea of the first book

If you don't want to produce a less-than-perfect book

If you don't want to be one among millions of authors

If you feel you need a highly practical pathway

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WHAT THEY SAY…."Dr Raman gave us a truly insightful and engaging session on how to write and publish a book. Not only did he share with the audience "what" you need to do, he showed us "how" to do. Possibly the most valuable conference session I have participated in. Thank you Raman."

- Consultant, Singapore.


An author of 20 multi-genres books in multiple domains

Lived through hundreds of iterations with leading publishers

Mastered the science of developing a world-class book in the fastest time

Top training design leader who can design mind-blowing live training

Proven, tested, and result-oriented system to master book writing

Two doctorates in learning to get you on an accelerated learning path

Versatile experience in coaching you on developing books on subjects as varied as poetry, arts, science, business, leadership and engineering among others

Highly developed analytical skills and strategic visions to guide you through the process

International learning leader with a $40 billion US corporation to put you on the path of differentiated leadership through authorship

A global authority on speeding up learning and performance who can help you learn faster

Global corporate management professional

Check out Dr Raman K Attri's books at https://amazon.com/author/raman.k.attri. To find more about Dr Raman at http://ramankattri.com/ or explore some of the social media profiles https://linkedin.com/in/rkattri, https://twitter.com/rkattri, https://youtube.com/RamanKAttri and https://facebook.com/DrRamanKAttri or simply search Google.


"Dr. Attri delivered a thoughtful, insightful, enjoyable and practical sharing session on writing your first book."

- Peter Morgan, Crisis Management Expert, Hong Kong.

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