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Made In Space: Tools for New Designed Worlds (June 24 - Aug 26)

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FabCafe, ArtScience Museum

6 Bayfront Avenue


Singapore, Singapore 018974


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Made In Space: Tools for New Designed Worlds

Weekly Workshops on Speculative Design, Digital Fabrication, and Space Technologies

Presented by FabCafe and CodeKitchen, SUTD DManD

Made in Space is an series of hands-on workshops and talks exploring the design, engineering, and technology in space exploration.

The workshop series is organized around 7 learning labs, each challenging different assumptions of what we know about space. From designing complex systems to prototyping robots that move in unusual ways, Made In Space is a speculative design laboratory centred around democratising space science.

Made In Space is organised by engineers, designers and researchers from the Singapore University of Technology & Design Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre, space scientists and engineers from Bhattacharya Space Enterprise, and the FabCafe community.

For all humans, dolphins, and extra-terrestial life

Participants are welcome to stay past 1pm to work on their ideas and prototypes. Participants do not need to have a technical background. Any prior experience in blowing things up, launching things into space, talking to aliens, taking things apart and building things is a huge plus.

Ages 9 - 100+

Max Capacity: limited seats per workshop

Venue: FabCafe Singapore, Lobby of ArtScience Museum

Time: 10.30am - 1pm


$40 for curious public;

$30 for space and science loving students*

(you may be asked to provide proof of your student-hood on the day of the event)

Saturdays | Dates:

June 24 - Rolling Robot (Roboticist, Stevanus Satria)

July 1 - Design Reality (Prof Leung Sai Kit)

July 8 - Cube Satellite (Bhattacharya Space Enterprise)

July 15 - First Contact (Ham Radio Aficionado, Roland Turner)

July 29 - Big Structures (Prof Lujie Chen)

Aug 12 - Red Base (Gilmour Space Technology)

Aug 26 - New Space (Lynette Tan, SSTA)

*Participants can choose to attend individual workshops and/ or the entire series

* Workshop dates may be subject to change. Parrticipants will be notified if there is a change in the schedule.

01_Rolling Robot_June 24

Rethinking Robots for New Worlds

Stevanus Satria, Research Officer - SUTD Robotics Innovation Lab

Khaw Jien Yi, Undergraduate and Member of SUTD Multi Rotor Society

Rolling Robot_Made In Space_FabCafe Code Kitchen_Stevanus Satria_SUTD ArtScience Museum

Made In Space_FabCafe Singapore_SUTD_CodeKitchen_ArtScience Museum_Rolling Robot

02_Designing Reality_July 1

Design and explore a planet in Virtual Reality

Prof Sai-Kit Yeung, Assistant Professor, SUTD. Founder of SKY Optimum Technology Pte Ltd.

Design Reality_Made In Space_FabCafe Code Kitchen_Yeung Sai Kit_SUTD ArtScience Museum_Sky Optimum

About Prof Sai-Kit Yeung

Dr. Sai-Kit Yeung is currently an Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), where he leads the Vision, Graphics and Computational Design (VGD) Group. He was also a Visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford University and MIT. Before joining SUTD, he had been a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He was also a visiting student at the Image Processing Research Group at UCLA in 2008 and at the Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2007. He received his PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2009. He also received his BEng degree (First Class Honors) in Computer Engineering and MPhil degree in Bioengineering from HKUST in 2003 and 2005 respectively. Dr Yeung's research expertise is in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics and image processing. His current research focus is primarily on 3D content reconstruction, understanding, creation, redesign and fabrication.

For more info, visit


03_Cube Sat_July 8

Build a handheld satellite to disrupt outer space

Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya, Space Scientist and Founder of Bhattacharya Space Enterprise

Co-speakers: Liwei Chia & Ankur Gupta, BSE engineers

Cube Sat_Made In Space_FabCafe Code Kitchen_Bidushi Bhattacharya_SUTD ArtScience Museum Bhattacharya Space Enterprise


* Participants will not be able to bring back the Cube Sat. During the workshop, one Cube Sat kit will be shared, assembled and programmed by two participants. Each participant will still need to register for a ticket.

* This workshop will take about 4h. We will be running this from 10.30am - 3.30pm with 1hour break in between.

Cube Sat_Made In Space_ArtScience Museum Singapore_FabCafe_CodeKitchen_1

Singapore on Mars

Cube Sat_Made In Space_ArtScience Museum Singapore_FabCafe_CodeKitchen_2

Building a Cube Satellite

About Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya

Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya is a rocket scientist and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ on the job. She is CEO of Astropreneurs HUB, Southeast Asia's first space technology incubator, and Bhattacharya Space Enterprises, a startup dedicated to space-related training. Bidushi has worked on NASA’s Hubble, Mars, and planetary exploration programs

For more info, visit www.bse-space.com

04_First Contact_July 15

Create a device to talk to aliens

Roland Turner, ham radio aficionado

First Contact_Made In Space_FabCafe Code Kitchen_Roland Turner_SUTD ArtScience Museum

About the speaker, visit https://rolandturner.com/about

05_Big Structures_July 22

Make it Big

Lujie Chen, Assistant Professor, SUTD

Big Structures_Made In Space_FabCafe Code Kitchen_Lujie Chen_ArtScience Museum SUTD_laser cutting

Lujie Chen_Big Structures_Made In Space_FabCafe Singapore_CodeKitchen_SUTD_ArtScience Museum

About Lujie Chen

Dr. Lujie Chen is an Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design. His research expertise is in optical metrology, medical imaging, and rapid prototyping. He has invented a series of computational methods for generating large-scale physical objects directly from digital models.

06_Red Base_August 19

Prototype a recyclable, 3D printed Mars Habitat

Dr. Bradley Camburn, IDC Researcher, Chief Engineer, Gilmour Space Technologies

Red Base_Made In Space_FabCafe Code Kitchen_Gilmour Space Tech

For kids ages 7 - 100+. Kids must be accompanied by parents and guardians.

Participants will be grouped in teams of 5. Come with friends who are interested in extra-planetary habitation!

06_New Space_August 26

Democratising Rocket Science

Lynette Tan, Singapore Space and Technology Association

Why does Singapore need a space programme? What can you do to work in the space industry? In this last session of Made In Space, we invite kids and families to join us and participate in a water-rocket launch. Using everyday materials like plastic soft drink bottles, cardboard, plenty of air pressure and plain water, participants will experiment making their own water rocket, and have a once-in-a-childhood experience of launching a water rocket into the sky.

For kids ages 9 - 100+. Kids below 12 y.o must be accompanied by parents and guardians. Participants are to bring their own water as fuel (at least 500ml).

Use the promo code 'FabFamily' to get 15% off your tickets when you sign up for 3 or more.

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Date and Time


FabCafe, ArtScience Museum

6 Bayfront Avenue


Singapore, Singapore 018974


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