Men’s Workshop - Master Your Divine Masculine

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The Hermitage Zen

19A Joo Chiat Place

Singapore, Singapore 427748


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We call upon all men to band together this coming Saturday in the Man Cave @ Hermitage.

We will share about:

• How to increase testosterone and other hormones naturally, and the importance of Men’s physical and mental health

• How to increase Human Growth Hormones and Stem Cells naturally to reverse ageing and typical male patterns - eg. balding, stress-related issues

• How to reduce stress hormones and cortisol levels to become less reactive and more responsive

• How to transmute sexual energies to manifest wanted outcomes, better performance and results at work, sports, communication, relationships and health

• How to break harmful and toxic patterns / behaviours

• Difference between Beta and Alpha male behaviours (both are learned, and not fixed)

• Difference between Male and Female components of compassion, love, and their expressions

• Difference between positive and negative competitiveness and masculine expressions

• Discussing male-related issues and conferences in a safe space without judgement, competition or special expectations / conditioning

• Finishing with a guided meditation to balance and anchor the newly learned information - techniques and aspects to maximise positive effects and learning - into the subconscious.

All of the discussed topics, techniques and practices lead to guaranteed and (mostly) scientific proven benefits (we will share all sources, studies, etc. for personal research):

• More energy

• Less depressed

• More confidence

• More Happiness, fulfilment and clarity of direction

• Less anxiety, more respect from other males and females

• Increased social skills

• Increased female attraction

• Increased motivation to succeed and proactivity

• Increased fat loss

• Increased muscle growth, improved workouts and physical performance

• Deeper voice

• Improved skin

• Increased hair growth, thicker hair (Facial, body and hair)

• Less sleep required, better quality of rest and sleep

• Clearer skin, brighter eyes and other improved physical aspects

• Improved body language

• More (natural) alpha male behaviours • Increased magnetism

• Improved memory

• Removal of brain fog

• Increased intelligence

• A potential cure to hair loss, male balding patterns

• Better and longer lasting sex, higher sex drive

• Controlled aggression, transmutation to higher, more positive emotions

• Increased feelings of personal power and capability

• Improved relationships and communication skills

• Improved immunity

• Increased stamina

Session Details:

19th October 2019 (Saturday)

1400hrs - 1800hrs

The Hermitage @ 19A Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427748

Admission into the Man Cave: $110 per bro

Contact: +65 90051759

About the facilitators-

Lukas believes self empowerment is the way to bring out the best authentic self expressions and innate wisdom to create the best ways of living, outcomes and results in life.

He only leads by example and shares based on his experiences and wisdom that brings people into their increased awareness of Body-Mind-Soul Union and Alignment with the Source within.

He is clairsentient and claircognizant, able to point out the chosen soul path of individuals and businesses with great clarity, simplicity and practicality.

He has experienced many personal physical miracles, including a forty-four day water only fast, 10 dry or total fast (no food, no liquids) and holds a personal record of sitting in an Ice Bath for 53 minutes amongst many others.

Born in Poland in 1981 and grew up in Germany without a father, Lukas worked and supported himself since he was 13 years old. Despite heavy depressions, various addictions and destructive behaviours throughout most of his life since young he always looked for natural ways to lift himself up and never gave in to medication.

He achieved a stipendiary for young high potentials to work in Shanghai after he completed his university diploma in economics. He left one of the top consultancies he worked for in Shanghai after a year to start his own group of five companies in the field of renewable energies. Having one company in each continent, he was always on the move and handling projects up to 80 million USD. He left his companies for his personal evolution, experiencing many Masters and modalities around the world. He never ceases to simplify the essence of each experience and is passionate to share with people to experience the wisdom of the various Masters.

Being familiar with various cultures, speaking 5 languages and at home in spiritual and business environments, he feels passionate to unite the best of both and empower people to embark on their own authentic life journey and authentic self expressions to enjoy their own unique gifts, encouraging and supporting them to be themselves and making their own, intuitive decisions, co-creatively, co-independently, applying their own wisdom through experiences and feeling. For more information, email

Hendrick Dhammakamo (DK) believes that in order to connect to the world at large, one needs to start by establishing a sincere relationship with oneself. Seeking reconciliation within will allow peace, harmony and success to happen. The positive changes will naturally reverberate into every area of one’s life.

DK is a meditation teacher, purpose coach, spiritual mentor, mindfulness consultant, healer, writer and former buddhist monk for half a decade. DK has travelled extensively to learn from various Teachers and traditions to master the pragmatic application of ancient wisdom, having spent most of his time practising in the Thai Forest Tradition and Plum Village Zen Monastery in France. He has also attended intensive retreats in Dharamsala to study with Tibetan Tantric masters.

DK’s many moments of awakening brought him closer to society and he felt compelled to share his insights and pave a way for society. He avoids intellectual discussions and presenting spirituality as a topic by translating his insights into a simple and integrated way that brings meaning and fulfilment into everyday life. His light-hearted style has been well-received internationally.

Besides practising intensive meditation and scriptural studies, DK went on to pursue the esoteric arts, along with various psychic modalities, which he calls 'extra-curricular activities of the spiritual path'. Being a non-paper certified healer, he often jokes that having lived and practised in the forests and mountains, he had no use of paper since he lived amongst the original source. He suggests a trip to those forests and mountains, and perhaps we'd find out how they certified him!

Being claircognizant and clairsentient, his mastery in cosmic consciousness has been proven to be highly effective in balancing and aligning energy systems to clear negative blockages in the emotional, physical, mental and astral aspects, He has helped many clients to gain understanding of their soul worth and purpose, and also entrust them with the power to transform dysfunctional elements in their life.

Date and Time


The Hermitage Zen

19A Joo Chiat Place

Singapore, Singapore 427748


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