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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Coaching Certification

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Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner + Coaching Certification

Full Immersion Experience that will transform your life.

Happening Right Here in Singapore over 6 Days of Total Immersion Experience.
4-9 Jun 2018

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind highly successful people? How these people stay consistently productive and seem to never be out energy? Ever wondered how to overcome emotional barriers? Or wanted to gain emotional stability? Have you had times when you felt limited and you have tried all that you can and still left disappointed and weak. Many people have been so focused on improving their skills but many don’t realise that the secret to success in everything we do is 80% psychology and 20% skills. What is holding us back often are our limiting beliefs, negative emotions, inner conflicts, negative thinking and inactions. How do great athletes become great? Their skills and others in their field are comparable, but what makes them great is their mindset and their psychology. What if you could learn the secrets of gaining control of your psychology and mindset. What if you could gain insights into these secrets to help you increase your performance and experience the breakthroughs you always wanted? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the tool that can help you gain control of your psychology, prime yourself for success and create massive breakthroughs in your life.

Imagine every problem you encounter for the coming days/weeks/months, you are still using the same old ineffective tools and mind-sets. Every decision you make is sub-optimal. Wouldn’t it be a great investment in just 6 days, you will change your life and career with better control using NLP tools and techniques? Many invest in things, but this investment in yourself is the best investment. Are you ready to experience breakthrough today?

COURSE OVERVIEW NLP is a set of tools, processes, techniques and skills that can be used to create positive change in yourself and in others. It allows us to observe the mechanics of the mind, so that we can learn how to control our thoughts & emotions. With this new conscious awareness, we are guided through processes for re-programming our unconscious mind, to achieve greater Success & Happiness in all areas of our lives. This 6 days NLP Practitioner Certification program is uniquely designed to ensure that you learn these new techniques and skills at the conscious AND unconscious level. Every tool, technique and process follows a format that allows experiential learning and understanding, so that these new skills become a natural part of you. Each technique is delivered through a process of theory, demonstration, hands-on practice, de-brief and Q&A.

In addition to learning new skills, you will also identify and remove your own limiting beliefs & negative emotions that have been holding you back. The course is designed to create a total immersion experience. Unlike typical training of one directional learning, our training methodology is based on active learning and total immersion experience. For both organizations and individuals, the way we think can influence and change the results that we want. NLP provides specific strategies for achieving the results that you want. NLP is a powerful tool that can be applied across all areas of your life, including Relationships, Career, Health, Personal growth, Communication, Leadership, Finance, Parenting, Motivation and Mind. Some of you may choose to study NLP for personal growth, others may study NLP to help them in their communication, while other businesses will study NLP to improve their marketing, sales and closing. The focus of the NLP Practitioner level is to understand the structure of NLP and taking communication skills to a whole new level. The secret to success and outstanding results is 80% psychology and 20% skills.

  • 6 days full training access throughout the course duration
  • NLP Practitioner Certification by the American Board of NLP
  • NLP Coaching Certification by Coaching Division of Vantisco Academy
  • Customised Training Workbook full of course content, worksheets, exercises, handouts, templates, checklists, that you can easily refer back to in the future
  • Your Questions Answered in the course. The earlier you register, the earlier you get access to the trainer to send him your most pressing issues on the course topic for him to include in the course content. So get to the last page now and send us your registration form!
  • World-Class training. Just refer to the testimonials section on this brochure to confirm this
  • Practical Hands-On Sessions, be prepared to move around and get into group discussions/ exercises, role-plays, team reflections, and much more!
  • Buffet Lunch at training venue, so you won’t waste time finding a place to eat...leaving you more time for networking
  • Morning/Afternoon Breaks with snacks and coffee/tea, to keep you energized throughout the day
  • A Boatload of New Knowledge and Information!
  • Exclusive access to our NLP Learning Community
  • One 2-hour session online NLP group coaching after course ends
  • Corporate room rates at hotel training venue for overseas participants
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign Up today, and know that you are covered by our signature guarantee policy.
When you join us for NLP Practitioner Certification, you will learn the key topics at the NLP Practitioner level and application of NLP in specific areas of life and work. - Learn to be a powerful and inspirational communicator
- Be highly skilled with non-verbal communication
- Increase your awareness and observational skills
- Increase sensory and subconscious awareness
- Master your mindset
- Take control of your thinking and emotional states § Remove limiting beliefs
- Overcome fears
- Create empowering beliefs
- Increase motivation
- Develop strong interpersonal relationships
- Create massive success and achieve results
- Change unwanted behaviors
- Learn to appreciate yourselfHere are some topics that will be covered in the course: - Representational system
- Rapport
- Submodalities
- Parts integration
- Anchors
- Strategies
- Modeling
- Metaphor
- Communication Model
- Eye Patterns
- Milton Model
- Much, much more!We offer all our students a very high level of on- going support to continue your NLP learning and integration long after your course is completed.

This training includes: 6-day total immersion training, NLP Manual, Course Materials, post-course e-package, extensive post-course support and a bonus NLP Continuous Learning Community. After the successful completion of this course you will gain special and exclusive access to our post-course support services and you will be allowed to re-take this training in any of our locations around the world or assist in any of our trainings as a coaching assistant to gain invaluable coaching experience.


  • CEO, Senior Executive, Head of Department, HR manager, Training lead. You will leave this certification course with better leadership tools, and skills to improve and enhance your organization

  • If You Are In Need of Personal Growth and Professional Development

  • If You Want to Overcome Limits and Create Breakthroughs

  • If You Want to Gain Control over Emotions

  • If You Want to Increase Your Performance and See Results

  • If You Want to Experience Tangible Results In Your Life

After the course, you can apply the NLP tools across:

  • Business (sales, negotiation, communication, marketing, rapport building, people management)
  • Learning and Education
  • Business and Personal Coaching
  • Personal Growth and Change
  • Enhance Performance and Relationships
  • Gain Clarity In Your Goals


- To ensure that all objectives of the course matches yours, all Vantisco Academy’s programs are developed after intensive and extensive research within the industry

- Vantisco Academy’s programs focus on your immediate working issues to ensure that you are able to apply and deliver immediate results in real work situations

- Application and implementation of industry knowledge and experience are the drivers for our course design, not theoretical academic lectures

- Vantisco Academy’s training focuses on practical interactive learning tools and techniques including case studies, group discussions, scenarios, simulations, practical exercises and knowledge assessments during the course. Invest a small amount of your time to prepare before attending the course to ensure maximum learning

Cost effective Private In-House Training can be tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs and can be arranged at your preferred location and time. If you would like to explore further, please contact Mr. Ulysses Wang at ulysses@vantisco.org.

Download a Copy of NLP Practitioner + Coaching Certification here: http://bit.ly/2z4G2Lg

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