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New Life Baptist Church

2 Tah Ching Road


Singapore, Singapore 618744


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Registration Timings:

Opens every Monday at 9:00am

Closes every Sunday Morning at 9:00am

Welcome to New Life Baptist Church Singapore!

As we resume our weekly services on location in Jurong, we also want to ensure a safe and smooth worship experience for all our attendees and volunteers.

In compliance with the latest COVID-19 regulations, seats for each service is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. At this time, all attendees will be required to be fully vaccinated and registered via this page before we can admit you into the room. (We have included an FAQ section below)

If you are unable to join us in person, it doesn't mean you'll miss out! Join our Online Family from all over the world as we livestream our Worship Experience at the same time every Sunday via Church Online.

If you have any questions or are facing technical issues with your registration, our team will be happy to assist you. You can reach us at

Thank you for you patience and understanding. We look forward to worshipping with you this weekend!

Our Services

English Service | 10:15am*

Chinese Service | 10:15am*

Children Worship | 10:15am

Combined Service (English + Chinese) | 10:15am (last Sunday of the month)

Filipino Service | 1:00pm (every third Sunday of the month)

Youth Service | 10:15am (last Sunday of the month)

IMPORTANT: All worship services can now be registered here. For Youth and Filipino Worship Services, please use the registration that will be visible when the service is on for the week. Parents attending the English Worship Service need to register your child/children using the Children Worship option in this registration and you need to still register for yourself for the English Worship Service. If it is Combined Worship Service, please use the option for it. Thank you!



(Updated 17/08/21)

Will PET (Pre-Event Testing) be conducted?

No PET will be conducted for our physical services.

If I have not been vaccinated, will I be able to attend physical services?

With compliance to latest COVID-19 regulations, attendees who have not been fully vaccinated will not be able to join us in the room. We recommend joining us live on our Church Online experience.

If I have not been vaccinated for medical reasons, will I be able to attend physical services?

Unfortunately only attendees who have been fully vaccinated will be able to join us in the room at this time. We recommend joining us live on our Church Online experience.

If I have only completed one dose of my vaccine, will I be able to attend physical services?

All our attendees will be required to have completed both doses, including the 2 weeks after your second dose. We recommend joining us live on our Church Online experience.

I have children under 12 years old. Will they be able to join me?

Yes. Please note that our regular Children’s Service will only resume from 29 August 2021 (Please register your child/children under the ‘Children’s Service’ option). If you are planning to bring your child with you on 22 August, they will join the main service and will need to be registered with you under the 'English Service' option.

Is registration only open to members of New Life Baptist Church?

Not at all! The Church welcomes everyone and our online registration is open to the public. At this time, all attendees will need to register for their seats via the EventBrite page and must be fully vaccinated.

Will services be open to walk-in guests?

At this time, we require all attendees to be registered through our EventBrite page. Please note that guests will also need to be fully vaccinated.

If I am feeling unwell, can I still join the physical service?

We advise those who are feeling unwell (eg. Cough, flu, sore throat) to see a doctor and stay home. We recommend joining us live on our Church Online experience.

Does the requirement for full vaccination apply to all services?

Yes, all our services (English, Mandarin, Filipino, Youth) will require attendees to be fully vaccinated.

How will the Welcome Team know that I have been fully vaccinated?

Your vaccination status will be displayed in the TraceTogether app on your phone. Please remember to download the app on your phone.

If I have been vaccinated but do not have a smartphone / the TraceTogether app, will I be able to attend?

Please bring along a copy of your vaccine certificate containing the date of your second dose so that our Welcome Team can verify and let you into the room.

I booked my tickets but realised that I am not vaccinated yet. What should I do?

At this time, you may either cancel your slot through EventBrite or drop us an email at so that we can help. Your seats will then be open up to others who may be interested in attending the service.

I’m not fully vaccinated but need to speak to a Pastor urgently. What should I do?

We recommend contacting our Pastors via email:

Rev. Edwin Lam (Senior Pastor) –

Rev. David Lim (Associate Pastor) –

Rev. Paul Tong (Chinese Congregation Pastor) –

Roger Ong (Youth Director) –

Our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

Is there anyone I can contact if I have further questions?

Our team is happy to help and can be contacted at



崇拜前是否会进行 PET(会前测试)?

我们的实体崇拜不须进行 PET。


根据最新的 COVID-19 规定,未完全接种疫苗的与会者将无法进入我们的敬拜厅。 我们建议您若还未接种疫苗,暂时参加我们的在线直播崇拜。


答案很不幸是“不能”,此时只有已完全接种疫苗的与会者才能进入我们的崇拜厅。 我们建议这时您先参加我们的在线直播崇拜。


我们所有的与会者都必须完成两剂量的接种疫苗,还要等 2 周后才能参加。 我们建议您先参与我们的在线教会直播崇拜。

我有 12 岁以下的孩子。 他们与我一起参与吗?

可以的。 请注意,我们的儿童崇拜只会从 2021 年 8 月 29 日开始恢复(请在“儿童崇拜”选项下为您的孩子注册)。


绝不! 我们欢迎大家都回来实体崇拜。我们的网上实体崇拜的注册是对外开放的。 此时,所有与会者都需要通过 网页上的EventBrite 注册座位,并且您必须是完全接种疫苗。


目前,我们要求所有与会者通过我们的 网页上的EventBrite 进行注册。 然而,我们是容许新朋友当场走进来,除非座位未满,新朋友还得完成接种疫苗。


我们建议那些感觉不适(例如咳嗽、流感、喉咙痛)的人去看医生并待在家里。 我们建议您参加我们的在线崇拜直播崇拜。




您的疫苗接种状态将显示在您手机上的 TraceTogether 应用程序中。 请记住在手机上下载该应用程序。

如果我接种了疫苗但没有智能手机/TraceTogether 应用程序,我可以参加吗?


我订了票,但意识到我还没有接种疫苗。 我应该怎么办?

此时,您可以通过 EventBrite 取消您的注册,或者给我们发送电子邮件至,以便我们提供帮助。 然后您的座位将会让给其他人。

我没有完全接种疫苗,但有急需与牧师交谈。 我应该怎么办?


林汉文牧师(主任牧师) –

林楠牧师(助理牧师) –

董明汉牧师(中文崇拜牧者) –

Roger Ong (少年事工主任) –



我们的团队很乐意提供帮助,可以通过 联系

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Date and time


New Life Baptist Church

2 Tah Ching Road


Singapore, Singapore 618744


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