News and Laughter in a Meme World | S.U.R.E. Celebrates M.I.L.

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News and Laughter in a Meme World | S.U.R.E. Celebrates M.I.L.

Learn how memes are created and why they are a popular medium for news and information in today’s world.

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Join the conversation to find out how news, current affairs and pop culture are crafted and consumed in memes, and why we find it relatable.   

About the Speakers

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Dr Jeremy Sng is a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University. He teaches undergraduate classes on the impact of science and technology on society, under the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core curriculum.

His research focuses on digital technology and human behaviour. His research projects have involved investigations into how people behave and respond to social media, video games, virtual reality, and other online digital environments. A recent favourite project of his examined how people use the social simulation game Animal Crossing to manage their psychological needs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

News and Laughter in a Meme World | S.U.R.E. Celebrates M.I.L. image

Jonathan Leong started his career writing horoscopes for the back page of a movie magazine. Eventually he became a creative consultant, working with brands such as Nike / Kobe Bryant, MTV, New Balance, IKEA and Tiger Beer. Since 2008, Jonathan has been behind the scenes of digital content that has been seen by millions across both traditional and digital mediums. He is also the founder of Singaporean meme page Singaplex. Singaplex focuses on developing content and commentary from Singapore and beyond with an aim of exploring the lighter side of life via a curated body of today’s infotainment industrial complex. In short, Singaplex provides an avenue of digital therapy for their readers as well as themselves as creative professionals working in the digital space.

About S.U.R.E. Celebrates M.I.L.

The rapid advancements in technology and global events have greatly impacted the way we stay connected to and understand the world around us. Online information users today encounter a multitude of challenges – information overload, misinformation and disinformation, online scams, and our own personal biases. 

Want to build up your media and information literacy (M.I.L) skills to tackle these challenges? Join the National Library Board’s “S.U.R.E. Celebrates M.I.L.” programmes in October 2022, held in conjunction with the UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2022. 

This year’s theme is “Be S.U.R.E., Stay Connected” and you can learn how to:

  • Discern and use online information sources
  • Unpack and avoid scams
  • Avoid online harms 
  • Understand news literacy 

About S.U.R.E.

S.U.R.E. stands for Source, Understand, Research and Evaluate, and is an initiative of the National Library Board to educate the public on information literacy. 

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