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Orgasmic Access: 8-Week Virtual Training on Expanding Your Orgasmic Potenti

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Open to All Genders Orgasms can be small… or big….. They can creep up on you… They can be peaks and valleys with a ton of build up.

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To register, https://www.eroscoaching.com/events/orgasmic-access-8-week-virtual-training-on-expanding-your-orgasmic-potential/

Could it be that you’re having them and you don’t know it?

Maybe the Big O continues to delude you?

Or perhaps you are just curious about having more intense orgasms?

In this virtual workshop series, we talk about orgasms – how they feel like, what the different types are like and how most men/ women have orgasms. Indeed you will learn how to celebrate pleasure!

And even if you are already orgasmic, we will explore how you can attain bigger, stronger, longer, more intense orgasms through fun and interactive exercises! After the workshop, you will have a clear idea of how you can incorporate breath, sound, touch, fantasy, movement and your pelvic floor muscles to oooh, ahhh, yeah your way to better sexual peaks!

What to Expect

All processes are taught and effectively learned fully clothed and without direct sexual contact.

All techniques and processes are shared with warmth and respect.

Life-long friendships to be forged.

Don’t miss this series of workshops!

Workshop Structure

Session 1: Welcome – This will be our official meet-and-greet where we will get to know one another, as well as set our intentions for this series. We will be going through the structure of the weeks to come, as well as cover plunge right into Sexual Anatomy 101 – what’s an orgasm and what’s the different parts “down there” called.

Session 2: Kegels – What are pelvic floor squeezes? What are they important? How do we do them? What are the ways we can do them? Our pelvis is alive with a complex matrix of sensory nerves responsible for a great deal of our sexual pleasure. In this technological age, we spend a fair amount of time sitting which results in stagnation in the lower back and groin. This causes diminished sensitivity in the genitals. Bringing vitality into the pelvis brings vitality into our sense of who we are, increases our confidence and ability to interact successfully in all intimate situations.

Session 3: Breath – Most of us don’t breathe consciously. How can we breathe in a way that fill us up – charging or relaxing us when desired? We go on a breath exploration in this session. Increased rate of breathing leads to increased oxygenation which in turn leads to increased genital sensitivity and excitement in both men and women. We will explore breathing methods to expand this intensity throughout our bodies, allowing sexual arousal to fill the genitals and overflow into the entire body. By breathing consciously, we can access a wide range of sexual arousal states and experiences in lovemaking alone and with a partner.

Session 4: Sound + Half-way Mark – We can move erotic energy throughout our bodies with sound. We are often shy about making sounds in the bedroom. Sounds can heighten and enhance, not to mention speed up our orgasmic charge in our bodies. We will continue to incorporate elements what we learn in previous weeks. This time, we will also be experimenting with sounds and how they make us feel.

Session 5: Movement – Movement is another key to more pleasure in our bodies. We need to move in order to circulate erotic energy throughout our bodies. Movement in any part of your body focuses and releases energy from that part. Then the energy can be spread to any other part. We will incorporate elements what we learn in previous weeks, as we now add in movement in our exploration of sensation.

Session 6: Touch – An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may result in sexual arousal. Our whole body is capable of great pleasure. Not all of us likes touch, yet touch is a big key to pleasure. Pleasure is what we feel when consciousness meets the body. When we extend pleasure, we invite the consciousness that is within us to emerge. And because consciousness is infinite, there is no end to this possibility.

Session 7: Intention – If intention is everything, why wouldn’t we get clear on our intention in the bedroom? As we draw towards the last week of the series, we will explore the power of intention in the bedroom. Our mind is our most powerful sexual organ. When we give our mind something erotically constructive things to do, we can have explosive orgasms. We will be exploring ways we in which we can engage the erotic mind in this session – including with: imagination, witnessing, mindfulness, affirmations, setting intentions, putting your attention on your intention.

Session 8: Fantasy + Goodbyes – Is fantasy a bad thing when it comes to sex? What does women and men fantasy about in the bedroom? How can we incorporate fantasy in positive ways into sex? Through touch, thought and emotion, our erogenous zones are aroused, leading to full body tumescence. Can you be filled with readiness, and be awakened for love?


Sun 2 May 2021

Sun 9 May 2021

Sun 16 May 2021

Sun 23 May 2021

Sun 30 May 2021

Sun 6 June 2021

Sun 13 June 2021

Sun 20 June 2021

Time: 2 – 3:30 p.m. Singapore time

Fee: S$200 per person, S$150 if you sign up with a friend

Venue: Zoom link (Recording available for up to 30 days)

To register, https://www.eroscoaching.com/events/orgasmic-access-8-week-virtual-training-on-expanding-your-orgasmic-potential/

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