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NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard

1 Marina Boulevard

Singapore, Singapore 018989


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A head-start workshop for Pri 6 children moving on to Sec 1.

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This is one of the biggest changes your child will face in their academic life. Before entering Sec 1, students will be placed in streams according to their aggregate scores in PSLE. The streams determine the difficulty level of the subjects your child will be taking. For example, Express stream students will cover more topics and in greater depth for Science and Math compared to their counterparts in the Normal Academic and Normal Technical streams.

In secondary school, your child will have to take up additional academic subjects such as Literature, Geography and History. Some schools also break up the subject of General Science for lower secondary into individual components namely Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Your child will see an increase of 4 to 5 subjects compared to Pri 6. Therefore, some students might be overwhelmed by the number of subjects that they will have to study.

Across all subjects, students will see more open ended questions and fewer multiple choice questions. On top of that, some subjects require students to present answers showing a deeper understanding of the material and critical thinking.

In this 2 day holiday camp, your child will be prepared early for the changes to expect in Sec 1 as well as the content that he or she will be facing and expected to present and understand. Adam Khoo Learning Centre is one of the few centres in Singapore that helps to prepare and coach Pri 6 students for their foray into Sec 1.


In Sec 1, there will not be any Multiple Choices Questions. Your child will be introduced a new component, Editing, which is worth 10 marks. Your child will also face less straightforward topics in their composition writing, requiring them to practise more critical thinking and topic-linking to make their story flow.


Model drawing is replaced by Algebra in Secondary level. Your child will also be expected to write workings that are longer in nature and apply more complex formulae. Unlike Primary levels where there is a continuation in the topics taught, there is no continuation in Secondary levels. Topics taught in Sec 1 will not be covered but will be tested in Sec 2.


As mentioned, some schools break down General Sciences into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Some schools do not even use the MOE recommended textbooks for Lower Secondary and opt to teach using notes and materials that they have created. Unbeknownst to some of the students, their results in Lower Secondary Science determines which combination of sciences they can take when they get promoted to Sec 3. Therefore raising the importance of results in the Sciences for Lower Secondary.

When you join this workshop, you will receive:


• Crafted by our O/N Level Specialists

• A pre-workshop assessment to gauge your child’s readiness for Sec 1


• Complimentary booklet containing 100 Algebra questions

• Specially curated by our O/N Level Specialists


• 1 Dec, 1 pm to 5 pm

• Complimentary (valued at $85.60)

• Sharing by O-Level Specialists

• Sharing by the A-Team of to-be doctor, dentist and lawyer


• A per-lesson rate that will never increase through Sec 1 to 4/5

• Exclusive discount for NTUC members

* Terms & Conditions apply

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Date and Time


NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard

1 Marina Boulevard

Singapore, Singapore 018989


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