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If you have tried everything and it doesn't work to help you achieve your dreams - this may be the answer that you are seeking for ...

Master Authentic Quantum Abundance to Heal Yourself and Others while you Unlock The Ultimate Life Of Unlimited Abundance to Create the Best Version of You

The Most In-Depth, Complete, And Definitive Training Ever Created

This healing technique is an ancient technique that is used by a clinical psychologist to heal a group of mentally ill criminals with deep mental disorders. No one has been able to help these patients but this method helped all of them recover.

I was intrigued and decided to explore this technique further and Fast forward, as we released the pain - Today Her income doubled, mine too!

It will Blow your Mind on the Most POWERFUL way to Unleash your Greatest Power Within

✔ Have you Always Dreamed of Tapping in the Most Powerful Method that will Enrich both your life and the lives of others?

✔ Discover How to Achieve Your Dreams & Abundance with Unlimited Creativity

✔ Enrich Your Own Life with the Ability to Attract the Best Into Your Life

✔ Learn to Teach Others the Art of Manifesting their Abundance & Desires


Heal Your Wounds & Unleash the Best Version of You
While Learning How to Help and Teach Others Achieve their Best

A Training created by ancient teachers who have mastered the Art of Turning every dream into Possibilities

✔ Discover valuable tools for harnessing the power of the Abundance with unique tools for life in this intensive, power-packed course.

✔ Design Life Without Fear, Stress, or Boundaries

✔ Discover Your INNER SELF that Hold You Back and learn how to delete it

✔ Develop a Deeper Connection with Your Faith

✔ You will learn how to Clear your Past Wounds, Heal and Create a New Reality

---► Part 1 : Clear all your Past or the unseen self sabotage that is holding you back

✔ The Simple Yet Powerful Technique to "Let it Go" effectively

✔ Permanently remove your Self sabotaging behaviours

✔ Help Yourself and help others rid their minds of the past beliefs and unlocking new doors of opportunity and inspiration.

✔ Be Awakened to a New You - one of the most beautiful experience to unlock your new purpose in life

Ask yourself - Have you have ever felt this way ...

"I wish I could do that"
"For me, it's impossible"
"I don't have the skill"
"I'm not smart enough"
"I'll never have what I need"
"I'll never be wealthy"
"I'm too out of shape"
"I'm unattractive"
"I'll always fail"
"No one loves me"
"I'm a loser"
"My ideas never work"
"I'm sick all of the time"

And more limiting beliefs

If yes, then this module will help you clear it all Once and for all

---► Part 2

✔ How to Achieve Peace at any time

✔ The Biggest Mistake that make you cannot let go

✔ Awakening your Inner power

---► Part 3

✔ What to do to Get anything you want

✔ How to tap into the Zone of Unlimited Abundance

---► Part 4

✔ Why many Programs do not work for you

✔ Advanced strategies to Clear your Blockages in life

---► Part 5

✔ Discover the Full Circle of Complete healing

✔ How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Overwhelm

✔ How to create doors of goodbyes that will allow certain people to go from your life


Suria Mohd is a Celebrity Speaker and Life Coach who has spoken at over 1500 events over 15 years, trained and coached over hundreds of trainers and entrepreneurs.

In Leading her life through various struggles ups and downs, she has learnt to heal herself from within and forever learning.

She has travelled up far the mountains of Pakistan to the Towers of New York to all sages and gurus in search for the deeper meaning of life.

As she graced through life, one by one she unlocked the doors of abundance in her finance by grossing over 10 million in sales in just 12 months breaking the industry records, in her relationships with her children and breakthroug the never ending challenges that wounded her heart and emerging calmer and wiser after each episode.

She has used the timeless coaching Quantum Abundance principles that work in her life to turn around her failures to ultimate success.

Using these Quantum Abundance coaching principles she is now a Influential Social Media Public Figure who ranks top 10 Social Media Public Figure in Singapore with over 70 Million viewers.

She has spoken at the United Nations New York and appeared on programs graced by the Princess of Brunei.

She has appeared on Numerous TV, radio and Magazines such as Channel News Asia and Business Times Singapore and a Best Selling Author who has co-written books alongside top names such as Anthony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra & Jack Canfield.

Suria has personally attended several Life Coaching Trainings
worth over $30,000 - by Top Motivational and Life Coaches.

Her mission to transform lives and passion for life coaching has brought her to speak at the World's TOP Prestigious Harvard University, which showcased speakers like Oprah & Warren Buffet and she was the only speaker awarded the Prestigious MENTORSHIP Award by Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Harvard Business Expert Forum.

Suria scores a highest Klout rating of 79 - The Highest rating
in her Industry

This is what Klout has to say about Suria:

Klout acknowledges Suria's Opinions as
- wide spread and highly trusted
- and list her as a Regularly recognized
- Leader in her Industry
- listing Suria as someone whom "When she speaks People Listen"

She has been awarded the Influence style of a
Thought Leader & Taste Maker in her Industry
which observed that her followers Rely on her,
not only to Share the relevant news,
but to Give her opinion on the issues.

People look to her to help them understand the day's developments.
She is known to understand what's important and her audience
values that.

She knows what she likes and her audience likes it too.
She knows what's trending, but does more than just follow the crowd. She has her own opinion that earns respect from her network"

" ~ Klout, Measuring Influence

At the end of the Intensive Course you will get

✔ Your Entire Quantum Wealth Formula to use it for your life and also use it to Train others

✔ A Manual & Handbook with Audio Online Learning with all the Blueprint for your Quantum Abundance Success ( For those who opt for the certification )

✔ Gain greater Confidence as a Passionate Effective Quantum Abundance Certified Practitioner who will be known to transform lives


16th July 2017
10am to 6pm

To Be Advised

Program Investment:

☆ ☆☆ Full Admission LIVE Training $97 ( Usual $397)

100% of the net proceeds shall be donated to Sinar Sofia

+ Certificate of Attendance from Learning Discoveries at SG $30 *
( payable separately )

☆ ☆ BONUS ☆ ☆
Those who opt for the Certification Process Fee
Will also receive Over 5 Training Modules Manual

***** I am offering these at this crazy rates Because this is a FUND RAISING EVENT for SINAR SOFIA a Non Profit Organization that supports to rehabilitate women who are brought to sexual slavery to give them their freedom.

☆ ☆ RAVING REVIEWS BY COACHING CLIENTS who have attended our past programs ☆ ☆

☆ ☆ FROM NOBODY TO A COACH LEADER MOTIVATOR SPEAKER and YES I earn $77K in 6 months as a housewife with 5 kids ☆ ☆

I would not have made this far if not for your amazing program kak Suria!

From just a nobody, a simple housewife and mom of 5 children,

To Being a Coach, a Leader, a Motivator, a Speaker & a Wellness consultant,

All THAT is Due to the 24/7 Support that I received

I Soared to a Greater Height with SUPER NINJA TECHNIQUES & STRATEGIES taught by U Kak Suria!

SO SO Grateful that I can have also access to the ONLINE PROGRAM so I can do it during my Free time...


~ Syarafina, Housewife with 5 kids ( No Diploma )


It has left a big impact when I attended; the HOPE was regained back with lots of knowledge and tips to GROW in my life.

Ultimately, I was boomed away with so much to LEARN & APPLY in order to help others.

The trainings helped me to know the basic and boosting power branding your own business.

I was inspired by this iMentor trainings and constantly motivated by mentor Suria Mohd

Thank you kak Suria for the consistent guidance and motivation
~ Md Zakir, Full Time Technical Assistant


This is a journey doing a biz that I have never dreamt I will be in! But you has made it so possible! I have connected to many different beautiful souls out there....it has helped me help my own family and friends. From someone who never believe in myself, now I know I can do much more to contribute back to the world around me...with the up, close and personal tireless guidance from a beautiful soul called Suria Mohd! Thank you for this journey....I will never quit this mission as long as i live, in syaa Allah � Love you iMentor ! Love you Suria Mohd!

~ Hairiyah Salim, Full time housewife, mum of 4 kids


I would like to sincerely thanks mentor Suria Mohd for giving birth to this program. And thanking Almighty for showing me the path . I believe this are planned by him after listening to my prayers

Despite having many challenges in my life journey, I am and I will do all my best in joining hands with Suria to uplift my life and others to have a better life. I will always pray to Almighty to give you all the strengths you needed to fulfill your passion in helping other souls to be successful, caring and Loving soul! so that they too can light up the lights of other beautiful souls
~ Rama Chandran P

Or to Paypal at angguninternational@yahoo.com


Didn't really know what Kak Suria Mohd was doing 2 years back, but I believe God must have inspired you to give birth to this platform for a HUGE purpose!

Before this, I was not sure of my directions but you showed me the map and held my hand , leading the way!

You made me believe in myself and you proved to me that DREAMS come true and MIRACLES can happen. I believe in your leadership and I truly appreciate everything you've done.

Because of this platform, I learnt how to manage my emotions better, handle relationships and best part, realized a few childhood dreams ~ touched the snow, be a speaker, get interviewed, achieved awards, travel for free with my mum and team members, lead a team of dynamic individuals....

Today I'm also blessed to be part of your team because It has not only helped me in my business but also strengthened my mindset to go through challenges with confidence because the support is awesome!

It's only 12 days in the program, but I learnt 37 different NINJA strategies and now I am able to add value to so many lives in different ways!

Truly a Soulful Experience for me and my other Apprentices as well... I see lives transforming EVERY single day.

~ Siti Teeya, GenY Youth, Jamie Oliver Brand Ambassador


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