Secret Perfume & Candle Making Workshop: Exclusive Price & Scents

Secret Perfume & Candle Making Workshop: Exclusive Price & Scents

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From $61.82

Craft your own personalised scents in this secret Perfume/Candle/Shower Gel Crafting Workshop

About this event

You will be exposed to new and limited edition fragrances in this secret workshop session with special offer prices, not available on our website.

Location: 23 Bali Lane, Level 2 (189859)

Booking dates: Daily

Timings: WhatsApp 88931725 if preferred timing or date is not on the calendar

Duration: 1 to 2 hours


1) Complete a fragrance crafting brief with guidance on selecting your intent and preferred scents. You will even get to play a game to guess what you are smelling - you might win prizes!

2) Our scent-engineer will then guide you on:

  • the importance of your sense of smell
  • how brands use scents to influence your behaviors
  • how to mix and match the different scents based on your intent and preferences
  • how to start the process of formulating your selected combination using the evaporation triangle

3) You will then try various combinations of scents using the scent strips provided to build your fragrance.

4) After crafting your scent, you will refine the formula tailored to your liking.

5) You will then personally name your scent and have a truly bespoke creation. You can choose to craft a parfum or candle. For other scented products such as reed diffusers, shower gels etc. do WhatsApp 88931725 to find out more.

Why us:

- You get to craft the longest lasting perfume (12 hours and above) at our workshop, also known as Extrait de Parfum or Pure Parfum. These are usually costly in the market but you get to make it at an affordable price with us.

- We try to be as environmentally friendly as we can by limiting the use of plastics.

- Our candles uses coconut and soy wax base. This is much cleaner, environmentally-friendly and has a better scent throw compared to conventional candles you buy outside. This means your candles last longer.

- You get to even personally name your parfums and candles, making it extra unique and a great gift if its for someone.

- If the workshop is for a special occasion such as birthdays, Hen's, baby showers, anniversaries, bonding time etc. we will even bring out some of our rare and exclusive scent oils.

- At our workshops, you go back with many new knowledge and we empower you to be able to even make perfumes and candles at home by yourself (and you can always WhatsApp us for assistance).

Secret Perfume & Candle Making Workshop: Exclusive Price & Scents image
Secret Perfume & Candle Making Workshop: Exclusive Price & Scents image