The Basic Elements and Mechanics of Successful Stock Trading

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The TradingPLC, 45 Middle Rd, #06-00

Singapore, 188954


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I'm sure you've heard stories of how someone earns additional passive income through investing.

Or how one lucky friend struck gold by investing correctly into the right stock at the right time only to sell it off for insane profits.

But is it really possible? Btw, the trainer has trained more than 500 students!

First thing you must realise..

Putting money in the bank is NOT the way to grow your wealth.

Just ask Warren Buffett or any financial life coaches anywhere, no million was ever made by sitting in the bank.

Then why do so many of us still continue to do this?

Fear and uncertainty my friends.

I don’t blame you, the stock market’s roller-coaster movements will make anyone nervous.

Plus many Singaporeans believe that investing is just too complicated, involves too much maths, and just takes too much time.

But what if I can show you a systematic way? A No-brainer strategy for you to constantly keep making profits.

A systematic process that you can use part-time while keeping your day job.

Forget the nonsense that many have you believe that you need to keep monitoring stocks.

I’m going to expose the secret to you for FREE!

In this seminar, you will be learning:

1) The Secrets of a Master Trader. Learn how you can claw your way out of the middle class and start living the lifestyle that you truly want.

2) The system that took me many sleepless nights and hard work to perfect.

3) How I didn't start making the big money until I did less trading -a lot less.

4) To spend as little as 15 mins a day or less. Keep your day job!

5) A unique and systematic way of selecting the RIGHT stocks before they make their BIG move.

6) How to Enter and Exit profitably and safety!

7) PLUS, an opportunity to ASK any question you want about trading and investing during the seminar.

Who is Collin Seow?

Author of The Systematic Trader and co-author of the national bestseller Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders, Collin Seow was a Top-Tier Remisier at Phillip Securities. After reaching financial success, he decided to focus on educating the public on how to achieve financial freedom. He has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars and is a trainer with CyberQuote (a member of Phillip Capital) where he has equipped finance professionals with proven trading and investment strategies.

A qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) and a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), Collin has been awarded Top 10 Achievers in PhilipCFD for the last 4 consecutive years. With in-depth knowledge of the finance industry, he developed TraderGps, a stock trading software that is a fundamental aspect of his training courses at CyberQuote.

Collin has been at the forefront of trading education, contributing his expertise as a bi-weekly columnist at Shares Investment Publications. He is also currently a member of MENSA Singapore and Technical Analyst Society Institute (TASS).


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Date and Time


The TradingPLC, 45 Middle Rd, #06-00

Singapore, 188954


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