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Ladies, Mums...

Come out of this programme having more CLARITY on how to be a better mum, or a person as a whole!

- How many times have you felt doubtful, irrelevant, incompetent, unsupported, misunderstood, under-appreciated?

- Are you struggling to stay balanced in your pursuit for success?

- Do you often feel frustrated over not having the clarity to achieve something for your loved ones?

- Do you wish that you are able to manage your reactions to incidents better?

Are these what you go through as a mum, as a wife or overall as a woman ??

So what is the secret to being a great Mum and Wife??

Well it’s hardly a secret, and there is no one sure-fire way to become one.

But there are strategic methods we can all adopt and use…

“It has been an eye-opening experience for me. It gave me new insights to new perspectives. What I have learned is extremely useful for me as a mum.” Meriam H., Malaysia

Join me in this Radiant Mum Radiant Me programme where I will share with you how to

  • Feel more fulfilled whether around other people or alone

  • Communicate better with your family - your children, and your husband

  • Have less worries and doubts

  • Always know what is the best thing to do for your loved ones and yourself

  • Always be strong as the pillar of support for your familly

  • Redefine what success is, so you can better enjoy your time wth your loved ones, and with better self-motivation.

There are sooo many programmes out there focusing on wealth creation.

Well this is NOT one of them.

However, after going through this programme, you will definitely have a better mindset AND heartset for you to pursue your wealth creation goals.

Success always begins from within.

“I feel light, a sense of relief, and feel I can achieve so much more after this programme. Even after the first day when I came back home my husband noticed a change in me. A good change. By Day 2 I was like a brand new person, it was like I had an internal cleansing.” Denise C., Seychelles

Mums, did you ever realise...

Your kids are growing.

Are you growing with them?

When we aspired to be a programmer, we took up skills in IT.

When we aspired to be a doctor, we studied medicine.

When we aspired to be a teacher, we got ourselves teaching certifications.

But what are we doing to be a great mum?

How is it that we forgot to upgrade ourselves in preparation for the most important roles of our lives?

Or now that we are in this important role, how do we prime ourselves to be the best we can give?

In just 2-hours of this Radiant Mum Radiant Me programme, you will get tools on overcoming worry and stress, and above all always giving your best.

Not only that, I assure you that after this short session, you will feel “lighter” and have better clarity.

Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

About Me

Hello! My name is Diana Rahman.

I was in an abusive marriage. Physically, emotionally, mentally. He just knew what to say or do to bring me down.

After the marriage ended, I left my corporate job and delved into several business ventures. They all failed. And I lost lots of money, my car and my home. I also owed many people and banks money. Things got so bad I was made a bankrupt.

One of the lowest points in my life was when I had to dig for coins to buy food for myself.

A few years after my divorce, when I was only 26 years old, my father died of heart attack. Suddenly. While he was driving. I then took over the responsibility of looking after my mum.

For some time I was in depression. And nobody knew. Because I don’t talk about it. I couldn’t trust anyone. I did not know then how to handle the labels - divorcee, bankrupt, fatherless, penniless.

Fast forward, now I’m living life to the fullest I can, running two companies - and enjoying every moment, travelling every few months, giving back to charity (keeping my fingers-crossed that I get to do some work in the Women’s Prison), enjoying great times with my mum, and slowly ticking off my bucket list.

I also surround myself with like-minded super inspiring people. Something I never learnt to do back in the days.

What I discovered is that there is not just one way to turn aound and improve one’s life. But we keep seeking and incorporating them into our lives. Never stop learning and searching.

I am truly grateful for my journey and now I’m here to share what I believe every woman or mums should know. I know it can help lighten your load, even a little bit.

I've run this programme in Malaysia, Cambodia and Seychelles, and have received tremendous responses. Then some friends suggested I bring this back home, saying that there are many women here who could benefit from this programme too. And so here goes!

You need not be in an abusive marriage or relationship to attend this. As long as you are someone looking for a better quality of life, manage your emotions better, or simply to meet new people; then you have to be here!

IT'S FREE! You do however, have to give me two hours of your time. I think that's a fair deal!

Register your spot now, bring your girlfriends along, it's always better to talk to someone else who knows what is it your talking about. I know...I always drag my bestie along too to events I'm attending.

More words From Past Participants

• “Definitely one of the best programmes I’ve ever attended. Diana made it safe for you to express whatever you feel, you never have to worry about being judged. I have learned how to communicate better with others, and most importantly my husband and kids. ” Iryanti M.

• “How I wish I had gone through this programme much earlier in my life! It's difficult to describe what you went through, because right from the beginning you go through a "shift" and from then on you just want to discover more and more about your self.” Juli Malikan, Seychelles

• “As I was going through this programme, I identified parts of my childhood and social conditioning which have caused limiting beliefs in me. There were many things that I believed that did not serve me well but I never knew to question those beliefs. My biggest takeaway is learning how to listen and trust my instincts more." Cora Ah-Kong, Seychelles

Register your spot now!

Do bring your girlfriends along - it's always better to talk to someone else who knows what is it your talking about. I know...I always drag my bestie along too to events I'm attending.

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