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Thank you for making yourself available as our mentor volunteer.

Who is Voices Of Asia?

Voices Of Asia is a 10 years old social enterprise which has been inspiring people through storytelling, and since 2016, through youth mentoring. Our vision is

“To see a world where everyone feels safe and supported, anywhere, anytime”

Why this training?

Firstly, we believe that everyone who wants to be a mentor can be, and deserves to be mentored and to be given a development journey. This way, we will always have mentors who are equipped and willing to build a safe and supportive society with us. Mentees are also encouraged to pay-it-forward by being a mentor themselves, when they are ready. There is never a perfect time, but it is always time. Even if mentoring is not for you, by joining our planning committee, you will get to work with a group of highly-passionate people working towards a common goal.

The Level 1 Training is designed to help new mentors be ready to connect, communicate and eventually mentor via the WeConnect platform. Mentoring should be a natural process and thus the platform facilitates networking, and a matching of willing hearts. Our academy provides the necessary training to help mentors and mentees sustain and enhance their mentoring journey.

Why be a mentor?

Our youths today have a big need for a mentor. Someone to walk their journey, be a listening ear, and to inspire a little further though life.

A mentor can have a positive impact on a young person’s life and be instrumental in helping a mentee solve problems and to maximize his full potential. This can be achieved by building a relationship of trust where the mentor share her knowledge, experiences and insights to help the mentee develop and grow. Mentoring provides development opportunities for mentors as well as great personal satisfaction. Being a mentor can be stimulating, inspiring and enlightening.

Mentoring today has evolved, an individual can be both a mentor and a mentee. New mentors paired with more experienced mentors bring unique skills, experiences and knowledge to the mentorship. Yet, they each have something to teach and a lot to learn from each other. Mentoring can be one-to-one, or one-to-few where mentees get supported as a group by mentor facilitators. We also believe that mentoring can happen one-to-many through workshops, talks and learning events. All these come together as various touchpoint of learning for the mentee and they form his overall learning journey.

Who are you possibly mentoring?

Youths or young adults who:

  • Career: Professionally need guidance on career planning and progression and development of new skills

  • Family: Are coping with life stages’ transitions from student, working life, relationship, marriage to having children

  • Self: Have negative feelings about themselves, poor relationships with family members, poor grades, hanging out with the wrong

    groups, getting into trouble at school.
    These could be general mentees on our platform, or mentees from our offline projects with various partners.

How does the program(s) look like?

WeConnect connects mentees with mentors who have relevant experiences, skills and knowledge, through 2 phases:-

Phase 1: Encourages basic connection with someone who is willing to offer support and encouragement to develop the mentee

Phase 2: Only when committed and trusted, invest in a formal mentoring relationship. A formal mentoring journey last either 3, 6 or 12 months.

The formal program can be a general mentoring program where you are matched through WeConnect, or you could be part of our community projects, designed to tackle specific societal needs. In these cases, you are often matched before you onboard onto the platform.

Join us at this interactive and engaging session to find out more! Come prepared to graduate, so come with a heart of sharing, and learning. Looking forward to meeting you.

Kelvin Kong
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Zoom (link will be provided before the session)


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