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What's Your Story Slam presents GRATITUDE / ATTITUDE: stories of how we approach life Hosted by: Anna Ong

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GRATITUDE - Prepare a five minute story about blessings you can count, even the ones in disguise. The times you looked at a gift horse in the mouth or thanked your lucky stars. A wave of relief, a favor just for you, a hand to hold when you need it the most.
ATTITUDE - Prepare a five minute story about behaviors. Fake it till you make it or showing your true colors. The times you held your head up high, shrugged things off, or held a grudge. Keeping a brave face, showing your claws. Angel or Devil?Let's not hold back now.

What is "What's Your Story Slam?"

What's Your Story Slam is a curated live storytelling competition. It is a hybrid between a showcase and an open mic story slam.

All stories must be true and lived by the storytellers. All storytellers must pitch their stories and go through coaching with creative director Anna Ong.

Storytellers have five minutes each to tell a story based on the show’s theme.

Who takes part in What's Your Story Slam?

What's Your Story Slam features people like YOU entertaining the audience with the unpredictable, hilarious, and poignant turns that their lives have taken.

If you have a story to tell or want to take part in the show, please pitch your stories to Anna Ong by October 15, 2020


Please keep in mind that we are recording your story for potential use on our future podcast and/or our YouTube channel.

Turn off your phone! It would be embarrassing if we have your phone ring while telling the story.

Ask your family, roommates, (pets?) to keep it down as you tell. Try to keep your very local environment quiet.

If possible, stand up to tell your story. There is an energy in standing that helps storytelling!

Stand (or sit) at arms length from your microphone (which may well be your laptop).

Wear what you want but please wear SOMETHING.

Tell - do not read - your story! Trust us, the audience will know.

When you've finished your story, say, "Thank you." This will let our producers know to return to the host!.


First, it must be your story to tell. Were you there? Are you one of the main characters? Your involvement in the events as they unfold is essential. No journalism!

Heads Up!

What's Your Story Slam stories are told, not read. We love how each storyteller connects with the audience when there's no papers or notepads between them. Please know your stories by “heart” by being very familiar with it.

What’s at Stake?

Stakes are essential in live storytelling. What’s in it for you? Are you going to win or lose? Why is what happens in this story important to you? We want to root for you! Make us care! If you can’t answer this, then think of a different story.


Bring in the Action!

A striking first line grabs our attention and reels us in.

No: “So I was thinking about signing up for my first marathon. But then I watched a little documentary on Netflix about running, made a snack, took a nap and my mom called and vented about my dad then I did a little laundry and then I thought about it again and decided I’m going to sign up for the marathon tomorrow.

Yes: “I am freezing, wrapped under a trash bag in the heart of Shinjuku. I bounce as I wait for the marathon to start. Two thousand runners surround me - there's spandex everywhere!

Know your story and have fun!

Make an outline, memorize your bullet points and play with the details. Enjoy yourself. Imagine you are telling the story at a dinner party amongst close friends.W


Avoid meandering endings

They kill a story. You should know your last line from the start. Bring the audience with you as you contemplate on what goes on in the story. As a storyteller, you’re the tour guide. You’re the one who knows where this going. Keep your audience with you. Don't lose them!

No sales or motivational speeches

We love how motivational speakers use stories to make a point, but this isn't a Tony Robbins special, and we are not looking for the next evangelist. This isn't the place for your startup pitch.

No stand-up routines, please

SERIOUSLY. NO. STAND-UP. Funny people need to tell funny STORIES.

No poetry or essays

We love your sweet words, musings and sonnets, and they look great...on paper. Unless you can make them gripping and set up stakes, they won't work.

No rants

Take your anger issue with your therapist/best friend/bartender. Tell stories you’ve already had some form of resolution with.

No key takeaways

NO KEY TAKEAWAYS. Leave your audience to come up with their own takeaways from your story.

General Admission: S$10 per household

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