Young Minds, Steel Hearts: Designing and Running an RPG Session for Kids

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Young Minds, Steel Hearts: Designing and Running an RPG Session for Kids

Tabletop RPGs are a great hobby to get into. We'll show you how to get started and run a smashing game for the young ones.

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Games @ PI 220 Orchard Road #03-01 Singapore, 238852 Singapore

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(This workshop is intended for adults.)

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In recent years, pen-and-paper role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons have experienced a resurgence in popularity. If you've watched shows like Stranger Things, you'd roughly have an idea of how such games are played.

Indeed, they can be even more fun than video games.

However, for newcomers to the hobby, it can be daunting to get started. What does one need to buy? Are miniature models needed?

More importantly, how does one "run" a role-playing game for kids who might be averse to reading and math?

Young Minds, Steel Hearts — A Workshop by Swords & Stationery

In this highly engaging and interactive workshop hosted by Swords & Stationery (S&S)—the world's first game-based programme for dyslexics—and in collaboration with Games @ PI, attendees will learn about pen-and-paper RPGs: what they are, what benefits they offer to the development of children, how they can provide meaningful experiences, and, most importantly, what one needs to get started as a game master.

We'll also show you how to game master a smashing, engaging game for younger audiences. We've run over 200 games for gamers and non-gamers of all ages, so even an experienced game master might find some inspiration here (we hope!).

Ergo, by the end of this workshop, you should be ready to craft and host a memorable session for your kid and his friends!

And yes, active participation is required (but have no fear, we're not going to make anyone present anything).


Conducted by: Swords & Stationery / Shaun Low

Venue: Games @ PI

Date and time: 13 Nov 2022, 6pm - 7.30pm

Price: $35 (Single) / $50 (Couple)

Note: Each attendee will receive a goodie folder, which contains materials for the workshop and some sweet freebies. Thus, purchasers of "Couple" tickets will receive two goodie folders.

$35 – $50