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Eventbrite for Causes

Raising Awareness; Building Communities

Events are a great way to raise money and awareness for a cause. Eventbrite provides nonprofits with affordable, easy-to-use online tools that enable you to run successful events.

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Features for Charity Events

  • Sell tickets and collect donations for your fundraiser, gala, or race
  • Discover multiple touch points for sponsors
  • Use event marketing tools and surveys
  • Collect custom data about your attendees
  • Reach new volunteers through social media integration
  • 24/7 customer service and support

Charitable Organisation Discount

If you're a charity, you are qualified to receive a reduced service fee of 2.0% + $1.25 per ticket. Standard credit/debit card fees still apply.

Please send a copy of your registered form/number from the UK Charity Commission or the Office of Scottish Charity Regulator to verify your status.

FAX: 1-888-855-2521

Don't forget to include the email used for your Eventbrite account and your telephone number.

Who uses Eventbrite?

"Using Eventbrite has saved our organisation time and money while managing the registration process for our wide variety of charity events. And their level of customer service and attention to detail ensures that donating is quick and easy for all of our attendees."

Robin Hood

- Jim Samalis, Director of Marketing and Communications, Robin Hood

"Eventbrite offers an impressive ticketing platform that enables individuals to share their excitement about Global Festival and the mission of the Global Poverty Project both before and after they receive a ticket. Because supporters can activate their personal networks in this way, they can easily encourage and inspire others to get involved."

Robin Hood

- Hugh Evans, CEO, The Global Poverty Project

"The user-friendly templates, the accurate reporting system and the great customer service made it a blessing to not have to worry about the details that traditionally can stress out event planners."

Robin Hood

- Michelle A. Bart, Chair of Northwest Coalition Against Trafficking