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见心法师毕业于新加坡国立大学,先后负笈台湾圆光佛学研究所和英国伦敦大学研修佛学,并获得伦敦大学之佛学硕士学位。法师自15岁接触佛法,即发愿行菩萨道,自利利他。法师目前致力于举办佛理讲座与集众共修,引领佛弟子们闻法修习,以期解行并重,共成佛道 。


About Venerable Jian Xin:

Venerable Jian Xin graduated from the National University of Singapore and pursued postgraduate studies at Yuan Kuang Buddhist Institute in Taiwan. She also holds a Master's degree in Buddhist Studies from University of London, England. Since encountering the Dharma at the age of 15, Venerable Jian Xin made the aspiration to take the Bodhisattva path, benefitting self and others. She holds regular Dharma talks and group practice sessions, leading Dharma brothers and sisters in learning and practising the Dharma, towards Buddhahood.

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