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A1 Code Academy is Singapore's leading kid's training and enrichment centre

Coding Programs and Classes for Children in Singapore:

“Parents see programming, computing skills as essential for future in a Smart Nation.”


“Forget traditional enrichment classes to learn ballet or play the piano. More children are being sent for computational thinking and coding lessons as parents increasingly see the value in starting them early in a manpower-hungry industry.”


Why Code?


Programming lessons train children in logic and clear thinking, skills that clearly set them apart in life and even in other academic subjects such as Mathematics and Science.  


Learning to code isn’t just about the ability to program a computer.


Key benefits:

Academic excellence,
character building,
entrepreneurship skills,
coding skills,
critical thinking and logical thinking,
holistic development of your child




Introductory Courses for Complete Beginners

Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 2 students taking up coding courses for the first time.

Students will be introduced basic programming concepts and build interactive games!




Intermediate Level: Builder

Engage in deeper knowledge and programming concepts at our Builder Workshops! Suitable for Primary 3 and Primary 6 Students with some coding knowledge. Students will also learn to build a website to showcase their projects! 


Class Pass:  

Attending classes weekly optimises your learning. Those who wish to get ahead of others can choose to attend classes more often.

Pop in whenever you need extra help or an after-school thing to do!

There are no special registration fees and the classes. Students of every learning level are welcome to pop by.

Each class pass gives your child access to our campus at the designated class pass open slots for 1.5 hours.

Currently, Class Pass access are only available on Saturdays and Sundays



The only pre-requisite is for students to have either completed the introductory or beginner course! 

Why Choose Class pass?

  1. Drop in, Learn anytime!
    Every student who drops in with their class pass will have a dedicated instructor around to guide them through the coding work they are doing, and embark them into deeper learning programs to accelerate their learning curve and growth!

  2. Gain Access to Our Exclusive Online Platform
    Class passes come with All Online Learning Tutorials and Resources for Continual Learning at a Self-Paced mode!

    From beginners to advanced courses, students get to learn new concepts and explore exciting projects that dive deeper into coding knowledge, English, Math, Critical and Logical Thinking!

    >> Learn more about our online platform and our curriculum!

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