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Ascent Metaphysics

Yan Zi Le is a certified Chinese Metaphysics Coach and the Founder of Ascent Metaphysics also known as 兿登詺軒 (Yi Deng Ming Xuan).

A graduate of UMIST (UK) with a BSc (Hons.) in Management, Zi Le entered corporate practice in Business Development and Marketing. Having being exposed to the study of Chinese metaphysics from young, she began to see an unexplainable pattern where decisions made had certain predictable results. Zi Le started applying the basic metaphysics tools that she had learned and was amazed by the results.

Thus motivated, Zi Le begins to formally study metaphysics with the aim of helping others achieve their optimum objectives in life. Over the years, Zi Le has had much success with many clients, both private as well as corporate, as she guided them towards optimizing their endeavors.

Zi Le is also constantly improving through research and study, where she hopes to revamp the traditional image of the superstitious and sometimes esoteric Chinese metaphysics practitioner, making this ancient art form relevant to modern living. As Zi Le believes that traditional Chinese metaphysics does not contradict our contemporary lifestyle. In fact, when considered together, the harmony of elements can become a congruent guide towards making good decisions and plans.

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