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BrainXpansion Pte Ltd

BrainXpansion Pte Ltd was established by a team of founders who have an immense and growing interest to improving brain power for all ages.

With increasing demands from work and personal responsibilities, many people now realize that the  brain tires easily, and information received are either are not “stored” properly or could not be retrieved when required. This has everything to do with our focus, concentration, memory, brain power and brain waves.

Students are stressed by increasing expectations and demands from all around – themselves, parents, schools and peers. These escalating concerns weigh on them heavily and stresses their brain so much so that they may not perform at optimal levels even when due efforts have been put in.

Working adults, home-makers and retired seniors are also faced with accumulating and intensifying expectations and demands too. Work, money, relationships and all sorts of challenges charging at us at high speed and sometimes seemingly all at the same time. These snowballing and widening problems also exhaust you mentally, emotionally and physically. What if you could awaken your brain and tap into those parts of your brain that is largely under-used and dormant? 

Our programs are designed to exercise both the Left Brain and the Right Brain. This gives you a whole brain enrichment that will help you gain confidence in meeting the challenges which you face. 


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