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Catholic Family Life


We started in 1985 as Family Life Society, a registered charity and a member of the National Council of Social Services with the mission to strengthen families, marriages and uphold dignity of life. We are grounded and driven by our Catholic roots, using these values, which are universal, to reach out to ALL.

After 35 years, we endeavour to serve all families better as Catholic Family Life, remaining true to our Catholic roots and ethos. Our mission is to form, empower and restore all individuals at every stage of life through creating family-centric services and programmes, to bring back beauty, truth and goodness into Family Life. Through our programmes and services, we will continue to promote the dignity of life and remind all of our true identity as Children of God so that all may flourish into communities of life and love.


Hopeful and courageous communities upholding the dignity of human life according to God’s plan


To Form, Empower and Restore individuals, married couples and families in every stage of life so all may flourish in the intimate love of God