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Chrysalists Pte Ltd

I am a Chrysalist; I have gone through a complete metamorphous phase, much like a caterpillar, emerging from the cocoon, from its clumsily confining, defensive space, with a fierce beating of wings, to take flight, as a butterfly.


Once upon a moment, a decision was made, to create the butterfly effect. Supported by the values of:

* Courage

* Honor

* Resilience

* Youthfulness

* Serenity

* Abundance

* Love

* Initiative

* Sincerity

* Trustworthiness

* Strength


Chrysalists serves to support others in the self-ful journey of life, to enable and empower them to emerge as Chrysalists too.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is also based on the belief that every entity is a unique mix of personalities and experiences. Each of these entities: an individual, a small team or a large organisation, deserves an opportunity to take that leap of faith, to relearn, renew, rejuvenate, re-strategize; to discover pastures and horizons that will enable them to reach a whole new level of being.


Our Learning Approach

We strongly believe in experiential learning, as life is about experiencing. We reinforce the importance of reflections in the process, by purposefully setting aside time and resource, to allow participants to be with their thoughts and emotions, digesting their learning in bite-sizes, among the flurry of activities.

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